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KUNIKO’s fifth studio recording sees the hugely talented percussionist return to the music of Steve Reich, a composer she has championed since her debut recording in 2011. In Drumming KUNIKO delivers a tour-de-force performance of the work which is widely considered minimalism’s first masterpiece. Performing all thirteen parts herself, and adopting the same multi-track approach which was so successful on kuniko plays reich, KUNIKO once again displays the technical virtuosity and flawless musicianship for which she is renowned. This seminal work employs Reich’s trademark phasing technique; subtle changes in timing and timbre cause the soundscape to build through a series of rhythmic loops which gradually evolve to create a wholly immersive experience. After hearing her performance on Drumming Reich commented: 'The result is like a microscopic close up of the piece where all the finest details are heard with amazing clarity'. Drumming sees the award-winning percussionist once again demonstrate the musical intelligence and flair which makes such a captivating performer.

"6/6: It is fascinating and it seems as if it's the definitive version on record...Powerful, but controlled."
Politiken, 23 November 2018
"An incredibly nuanced performance, one in which every phase is minutely captured with clarity and accuracy."
MusicWeb International, 6 December 2018
"Kuniko’s musicianship is colossal from bongo to piccolo...I relished it from start to finish and will continue to."
Gramophone, November 2018
"KUNIKO performs all 13 parts of Reich's minimalist work herself, using multi-tracking to great effect. It is dynamic and less aggressive than other versions; a very calming listen."
BBC Music Magazine, Xmas 2018
"I have heard virtually all of the versions that have come out since the first recording and they are all good. But this one is by far the best, the most inspired, the most moving I have heard."
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, 12 October 2018
"4.5* - Kuniko's performance both differs from and betters previous versions in its better sonics and mathematics...Kuniko achieves the near impossible with a demanding piece, requiring dense attention and a deft touch."
All About Jazz, 22 October 2018
"4* - Pinprick precision? Here it is, with every layer in Reich’s tapestry cleanly delineated to a degree hard to achieve in a live concert. Reich called the result a “remarkable pleasure”, offering a startling “microscopic close-up” of his score. I know what he means..."
The Times, 19 October 2018
"As always–and she has already demonstrated an impressive affinity for Reich’s music–she plays with both an intensity of focus and a virtuosic precision that are unmatched in her field ..."
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