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Recording : 1988-1989

Nicolaus Bruhns was undoubtedly one of Dieterich Buxtehude's most talented pupils, impressing his contemporaries with his skills as an organist just as much as with his talents as a violinist and as a singer - it is said that he was even able to sing and accompany himself on the violin and provide a bass line on the organ pedal board simultaneously! He died at the age of thirty-two, leaving five organ pieces (RIC 204) and twelve sublime Cantatas that form an evident link between Buxtehude's religious music and J.S. Bach's. This programme is rounded off with the cantata Erbarm dich by Lovies Busbetsky, another of Buxtehude's pupils and Estonian in origin. This cantata was long attributed to Buxtehude and formed the inspiration for one of J.S. Bach's chorale preludes.