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With the participation of: Romain Champion, Emmanuelle De Negro, Sabine Devieilhe, Joao Fernandes, Gaëlle Arquez, Bernard Richter, Benoît Arnould, Alain Buet

To get the New Year off to a great start, Alpha reissues Ensemble Pygmalion’s version of Dardanus, conducted by Raphaël Pichon and recorded in the majestic acoustics of the Opéra Royal at Versailles Palace. This set won multiple awards on its first release:

Rameau, a flinty-hearted composer lacking in imagination? Rameau, a cold mathematician in his chord progressions and a severe draughtsman in his vocal lines? One need only listen, in Dardanus, to the melancholy laments of Princess Iphise, splendidly sung by the soprano Gaëlle Arquez, to realise the treasures of tenderness and invention that still remained in the youthful heart of the fifty-six-year-old composer! . . . This version, which fills an important gap in the discography, possesses all the assets needed to speak to us today, and to last.

Gilles Macassar, FFFF Télérama