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In this programme, La Boz Galana takes a journey through the popular idioms of Italian and Spanish composers who worked in Italy, among them Kapsberger, Landi, and other less well-known figures such as Arañés, Stefani and Milanuzzi. As a result of a centuries-old practice – the repertoires of frottole and strambotti, for example – these composers created a ‘lighter’ genre using popular musical forms based on poetic texts related to them, both Italian and Spanish. Meant to transmit the expressivity of exquisite poetry in conjunction with music, these short and seemingly simple songs appear as succinct miniatures embodying the boundless desire of amateur musicians to shape their intimate musical worlds and engrave the poems in their memories. These pieces were the ‘pop songs’ of their time, and are often true gems of their kind.

"The performances are simply superb, and therefore I urge curious minds, who like to broaden their musical horizon, to investigate this disc."
MusicWeb International, March 2020
"This is a very enjoyable recording of fascinating music. "
American Record Guide
"What we have here is possibly the closest we’ll ever get to the perfect CD, in terms of direction, recording, art direction, and performance. It aims for the heart, and, over and over again, it hits its mark. It’s an amalgam of classical and folk music, which sets the most exquisite poetry that you never heard of. (…) This disc is a delightful surprise. If you have a friend who doesn’t love it, get a new friend."
"The three performers have presented here an excellent and highly entertaining recording that ideally represents this far-unknown genre. (...) The ensemble La Boz Galana has thus accomplished an important deed."