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Coup Fatal (Fatal Blow) is an original encounter between Baroque and Congolese music. This extraordinary project is organized round Fabrizio Cassol (musical director), Serge Kakudji (countertenor) and Rodriguez Vangama (conductor and guitarist) who, for several years now, have been elaborating a ‘Baroque recital’ the likes of which you have never heard. Live, the show is staged and choreographed by Alain Platel, who leads the company of 13 musicians very far into a universe where songs, traditional African instruments and dances are one. Baroque ‘hits’ mix with folk music in a new exploration of the repertoire that puts a  amazing common dimension between the two universes as an epigraph.

The show was first given at the legendary Burgtheater of Vienna in June 2014 and was a headliner at the Avignon Festival this past summer. A tour, spanning several years with visits to numerous countries, is now scheduled and will include the Théâtre Chaillot (Paris) in 2015.