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Phantasm plays ‘like angels singing.' This was the verdict of BBC World Affairs correspondent John Simpson who presented Phantasm with a 2004 Gramophone Award for its recording of Viol Consorts by Gibbons.

Originally released on Avie, Gibbons: Consorts for viols has been re-issued as part of Linn's ECHO series which offers a second chance to enjoy the best recordings from Linn artists.

"REF MEDIA (AUTHOR, MEDIA, DATE) QUOTE Added on WEBSITE Date A 431 BBC Music Magazine A lightly-etched performance of Stradella's oratorio about the life of Saint Pelagia. The four solo voices delight in the fleet-footed, dancing numbers X A 436 Gramophone “That voices and instruments combined as they do here in some movements of the Missa Galeazescha is by no means a given, but the groups are so well blended (and indeed opulent) that one imagines that Galeazzo would have been delighted” // “Odhecaton recreate the splendour gloriously.” X A111 Music Web International, October 2018 This disc is an impressive monument to an unjustly neglected composer. X A434 "Le Cœur & l’Oreille (The Heart & the Ear) ticks all the musical boxes in a wonderful combination of a historic instrument, fascinating repertoire, inspired playing, and intriguing performance practice and musicological insights. " X A438 Forbes, 19/06/2018 Now Alfredo Bernadini and his Ensemble Zefiro, one of the hottest numbers among original instrument ensembles, have brought out a delicious album that samples some of that goodness by bringing together eight works from this embarrassment of riches associated with the Dresden Court Chapel, featuring seven different composers. X A446 Fanfare, 2 August 2018 These two artists on this 1996 reissue have given us a recording as perfect, as soul satisfying, as one could ask for. X A452 The Classic Review, 25 September 2018 "This is a highly animated, energetic and engaging Brandenburg Concertos release, one of the best in recent memory, and which can stand alongside the best versions out there " X ALPHA 287 Europadisc, May 2018 “For anyone who loves Baroque vocal music in particular, this is an absolute gem of a disc, and the instrumental sonatas provide a welcome bonus X ALPHA 287 Presto, May 2018 “The combination of innovative scoring and exquisite performance makes these sonatas really stand out from the crowd, and it’s particularly noticeable how easily the musicians change gear from a largely accompanying role to the chamber style called for by these instrumental interludes.” X Alpha 369 Gramophone “it all leaves you wanting to hear more, both of Reicha and of his performers” X ALPHA 397 Opera Now, July 2018 “Piau provides a delicate tone that belies a certain tensile strength, and Manoff’s playing brings out colours and textures beyond mere support” X ALPHA 397 Stereophile, July 2018 "One listen to Piau's absolutely exquisite rendition of Carl Loewe's "Ach neige, du Schmerzenreiche," which opens the program, will convince you of the soprano's impeccable phrasing, subtlety of nuance, and ability to convey the deepest of emotions while retaining the refined beauty of her vocal production. X ALPHA283 Fanfare, 2 August 2018 Excellent, lifelike, vivid recorded sound rounds out the most outstanding Elgar recording I can remember in years. X ALPHA360 Fanfare, 6 August 2018 For me, this is the most interesting account of both the quintet and quartet in years—highly recommended. X ALPHA362 Choir & Organ, March/April Edition “The whole is immensely satisfying and enjoyable, and offers a refresh­ing take on the most popular oratorio in the repertoire.” X ALPHA369 Records International, 30 August 2018 . Assembling pieces from different genres and periods it gives insight into the richness of the composer’s extremely prolific output of chamber music and illustrates the diversity of the instrumental genres he tackled and a compositional art characterised at once by perfect mastery and by the greatest origina X ALPHA387 Financial Times, 9 March 2018 “Hand a piece of music to Patricia Kopatchinskaja and the effect is like giving it an electric shock. This young violinist, who has already recorded hair-raising performances of the Ligeti and Tchaikovsky concertos that have taken them to virtuoso extremes” X ALPHA387 The Scotsman, March 2018 “You’d expect nothing less than explosive creativity from the word go from the ultra-exuberant Moldovan firebrand violinist Patrcia Kopatchinskaja; nor is that expectation denied in her new duo release with pianist Polina Leschenko, an equal in virtuosity and charisma” X ALPHA387 The Guardian, March 2018 "Patricia Kopatchinskaja is a violinist whose performances celebrate the act of living in the moment...Nor is there anything ordinary about this latest CD, a recital with the pianist Polina Leschenko that is a feast of edgy, risk-filled music making." X ALPHA393 Sunday Times, 15 September 2018 "Hannigan’s recital focuses on a repertoire that reflects the decaying of certainties as the First World War loomed. Collections by Schoenberg (Four Songs, Op 2), Berg (Seven Early Songs) and Webern (the 1908 Dehmel settings) open the programme, but equally impressive are examples by Zemlinsky, Alma Mahler and Wolf. Hannigan and de Leeuw command this mysterious, disturbingly shaded and sensual music with aptly teasing restraint. " X ALPHA393 The Financial Times, 5 October 2018 Hannigan’s hypnotic singing makes fin de siècle Vienna feel like a city of dreams. Freud would be proud of her.” X ALPHA393 Music Web International, October 2018 Beautiful late-Romantic Lieder, superbly performed by Hannigan and Leeuw to make this a special album. X ALPHA393 Opera Now, November 2018 “The force of nature that is Barbara Hannigan – performer, conductor, mentor, director – pauses long enough to provide us with one of the most delicious recitals of the year." X ALPHA398 The Guardian, July 2018 " "" The great German song cycles of the first half of the 20th century can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and Hindemith’s Das Marienleben certainly belongs among them (...) It is a glorious achievement all round."" " X ALPHA398 The Guardian, 26 July 2018 "It is a glorious achievement all round." X ALPHA400 Record Review BBC 3, 7 July 2018 “The scale of the performance and the sound matches the ambition of the work itself and if you are a sucker for these massive polyphonic statements your mouth will already be watering.” X ALPHA401 Sunday Times, November 2018 This young Frenchman’s recital of opéra-comique rarities is exquisitely delivered. X ALPHA427 MusicWeb International, October 2018 Urbánski’s excellent Shostakovich Fifth occupies a disc of short measure. X ALPHA716 Music Web International, October 2018 “Those who enjoy early opera should not miss this delightful issue, well filmed and well presented by Alpha” X ALPHA968 Fanfare, 8 March 2018 The sound is excellent, as is the balance. This is a most welcome release, both from the standpoint of the music itself, and these fine performances. Solidly recommended X BKD125 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 6 October 2018 "John Toll’s recording is hard to improve on, an undemonstrative performance that captures the introspection present in Gibbons’ music." X BKD486 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 6 October 2018 "Phantasm’s own performances...are bright with expressive colour...Who needs sung text when players can say it all so vividly without words?" X CKD365 Fanfare, 10 November 2018 "...this is a strong contender in a crowded field, and admirers of period instrument performances are not likely to be disappointed." CKD445 musica Dei donum, 18 July 2017 "These three pieces receive outstanding performances from Carter..." CKD445 BBC Music Magazine, October 2017 "William Carter shows off his dexterity and subtlety of expression..." CKD445 American Record Guide, August 2017 "Carter’s playing is clean and elegant." CKD445 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 17 June 2017 "The introspective quality of his playing makes for some magical moments..." CKD445 Planet Hugill, 13 June 2017 5* "Stylish, effortless and engaging..." CKD445 All Music, 21 April 2017 4.5* "Carter joins an increasing number of lutenists, who have also recorded the pieces, and sets high expectations for a continuation of his exceptional work..." CKD445 iClassical, 20 April 2017 5* CD of the Month: "Beautiful lute playing by William Carter." CKD445 Gramophone, 20 April 2017 Choice: "William Carter brings a remarkable depth of artistry to whichever member of the early plucked string family – and whichever composer – he’s playing: here it’s the lute, and Bach, and it’s a beautiful listen." CKD460 Hi-Fi News, 19 November 2018 Album Choice: "...Baldini brings out their unique characters in an exemplary way." CKD482 Gramophone, September 2018 "...a deeply satisfying two-part recital...Imbrailo is an excellent guide throughout. The singing is technically impressive and the voice is youthful and focused." Sep 18 issue CKD482 BBC Music Magazine, September 2018 Performance 5* / Recording 4* "For his first solo recital he chooses an appropriately bold programme, more subtly linked than it might seem...Altogether this is a distinguished recital debut, and one looks forward to more." CKD482 American Record Guide, 22 August 2018 "Imbrailo makes a commendable impression in this his first recording for Linn...Hogarth’s commendable collaboration sensitively captures the quiet inner expression of feeling." CKD482 Fanfare, 10 November 2018 "...this is an attractive recital...Recommended, perhaps, as a sampling of the most familiar songs by these two very different composers." CKD482 MusicWeb International, 12 July 2018 "...favourite songs that everybody loves and that reveal that here is a singer with true insight in this music. A wholly delightful recital." CKD482 The Sunday Times, 3 June 2018 "The programme...allows the South African baritone Imbrailo to show the full range of his considerable power and compass." CKD482 The Scotsman, 24 May 2018 4* "Baritone Jacques Imbrailo and pianist Alisdair Hogarth highlight the similarities and contrasts in this delightfully nuanced recording." CKD501 BBC Music Magazine, September 2018 Performance 3* / Recording 5* "...gutsy, committed playing, spurred on by the richly varied continuo of Boston Baroque..." CKD501 Early Music America, September 2018 "Achieving a wide range of hues in her tone, Martinson plays the expressive pieces flawlessly, sensitively supported by her Boston Baroque colleagues...The sound quality of these first-rate performances is clear, vivid, and present." CKD501 Gramophone, August 2018 "A wonderfully detailed and atmospheric recording of Biber’s Mystery Sonatas, made all the more so in 96kHz/24-bit Linn Studio Master." CKD501 The Strad, July 2018 "Christina Day Martinson makes light of the virtuosity of this deeply profound music...The recorded sound and balance are exemplary." CKD501 MusicWeb International, 28 June 2018 "There can be absolutely no doubt of these players’ absolute mastery of this cycle. Martinsson’s performance is fervent, sincere and profoundly skilled." CKD501 Audiophile Audition, 11 June 2018 "The gifts of Ms. Martinson are on full display...The booklet, notes, and packaging are luxuriously first rate." CKD501 Infodad, 7 June 2018 "There are scarcely enough superlatives to say how well Martinson’s handling of this magnificent music works." CKD501 Fanfare, 10 November 2018 "Linn’s sound is extremely immediate; one can almost see Martinson standing in front of you with her instrument." CKD501 Scherzo, 30 November 2018 "...empieza luego susurrando en la chacona de la Presentación, para ir desatándose hasta el borde del delirio, irregular, aristado, cargado de eléctrica expresividad, dentro de una pieza ornamentada con gran imaginación, una de las mejores del registro." CKD501 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 5 May 2018 "I don’t think I’ve heard a performance that so clearly shows the difference it makes to the sounds of the instrument and therefore the timbre of each sonata..." CKD501 The Boston Globe, 19 December 2018 Great Boston-area classical albums of 2018: "[Martinson] bypasses mere virtuosity and gives earthy and dramatic performances..." CKD501 Chicago Tribune, 6 December 2018 Best Recordings of 2018: "Violinist Christina Day Martinson, concertmaster of Boston Baroque, brings deep feeling and stylistic flair to these meditative works." CKD501 Blogs Mollat, 4 May 2018 "...a superb rendition of one of the masterpieces of music...This Linn CD is absolutely remarkable." CKD501 Classical CD Choice, 30 April 2018 "From Linn, Biber: The Mystery Sonatas is granted an emotional reading by the Boston Baroque with Christina Day Martinson and Martin Pearlman." CKD502 Hi-Fi News, November 2017 "...a wonderful opening clarinet solo, pp, that raises great expectations for what follows - a peformance that's absorbing right through." CKD502 MusicWeb International, 15 September 2017 "Overall, this is a pretty successful pairing of two very different Sibelius symphonies. Throughout the disc the playing of the BBCNOW is excellent." CKD502 Audio Video Club of Atlanta, 25 July 2017 "Danish conductor Thomas Søndergård gives us illuminating performances in what is shaping up as an outstanding Sibelius cycle." CKD502 BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped', 23 July 2017 Album of the Week: "His attention to detail, the atmospheres of the pieces have all been beautifully crafted." CKD502 Classical Ear, 10 July 2017 4* "Arresting touches, sparky incident and ear-pricking details are legion." CKD502 CPR, 1 July 2017 "...they strike a balance between external reserve and the deeply human heart of these symphonies." CKD502 BBC Music Magazine, July 2017 "very dean-cut, finely detailed playing, reflected in a vividly immediate recording...there's plenty to enjoy here..." CKD502 The Observer, 11 June 2017 4* "...this pairing of Sibelius’s First and Sixth symphonies stands out well in an overcrowded market." CKD502 WFMT (Chicago), 7 June 2017 5* "...revealed Søndergård to have a profound understanding of the great Finnish composer." CKD502 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 3 June 2017 "…this is a Sibelian with a keen ear for texture and balance." CKD502 Hi-Fi+, 2 June 2017 4* "'s the transition between first and sixth symphonies that demonstrates why Sondergard and the BBC NOW should be considered an important voice of Sibelius..." CKD502 Gramophone, June 2017 "There is a transparency, too, with the prominence of inner parts illuminating the harmony in interesting ways...It’s a uniquely Sibelian sound" CKD511 Gramophone, November 2017 “The profound sense of leave-taking in the final Wayfarer song draws some of the most coloristically subtle singing I’ve yet heard from Boesch” X CKD511 MusicWeb International, 22 January 2018 "This is lieder singing in the highest division! The twelve songs that constitute this cycle...may not have been more beautifully sung in recent times." CKD511 BBC Music Magazine, January 2018 Performance 5* / Recording 5* "Boesch's flexible and rich-grained baritone blends with the colourful support of Malcolm Martineau at the piano to offer splendidly characterised accounts..." CKD511 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 18 November 2017 "...the way he goes from the virile nightly dialogue of “Waldesgesprach” so well characterised to the nocturnal hush and unearthly stillness of “Mondnacht” is extraordinary." CKD511 Opera Today, 4 November 2017 "...their Mahler Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen takes excellence to even greater levels." CKD511 Classical Iconoclast, 1 November 2017 "Although I've heard dozens of performances over the last 40 years, this took my breath away." CKD511 The Sunday Times, 29 October 2017 "Florian Boesch sings with his usual subtlety...He's splendid in the Goethe songs, and in the Mahler..." CKD518 MusicWeb International, 28 August 2018 "To sum up, this is as fine a single CD selection of Byrd’s keyboard music as you will find anywhere...inventive, spicy and interesting." CKD518 American Record Guide, 20 August 2018 "This performance should challenge anyone’s preconceptions about the limits of a harpsichord’s evocative powers. It just takes a player with this level of imagination." CKD518 MusicWeb International, 7 August 2018 "Richard Egarr’s new release of Byrde’s keyboard music is especially welcome." CKD518 BBC Music Magazine, August 2018 "Richard Egarr explores with affection and intelligence the rich world of Byrd's keyboard music, on a modern copy of a Ruckers harpsichord. Bells is a real gem." CKD518 Gramophone, August 2018 Choice: "An outstanding celebration of Byrd as one of the first keyboard greats from a harpsichord player who holds the greatest love and respect for the composer’s music in all its forms." CKD518 Early Music Review, 10 July 2018 "These are given performances whose lyricism belies the stark titles...The conclusion of BK 9 is quite exquisite in Egarr’s hands." CKD518 BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped', 8 July 2018 Album of the Week: "His playing and the music is infectious and he loses none of that in this recording. He enjoys, even relishes the rich embellishments that are abound in Byrd’s music." CKD518 All Music, 22 June 2018 4.5* "...a vivid portrait of perhaps the most original and influential keyboard composer before Johann Sebastian Bach." CKD518 Fanfare, 8 October 2018 "It requires a first-rate technician, a scholar of style and musical analysis, and a showman capable of conveying the composer’s mercurially shifting expressive content. All this Egarr possesses in spades..." CKD518 MusicWeb International, 6 December 2018 Critics' Choice Recordings of the Year 2018: "The bells is a fine example of the care and clarity of Richard Egarr’s presentation. Here only he adds a 20-second opening not by Byrd to present a single bell toll and ground bass of two bell tolls over which ultimately shower a carillon of semiquavers. It’s patient, systematic yet glowing and in turn jolly, raunchy, excited, exultant and calmly fulfilled." CKD518 The Sunday Times, 10 June 2018 "It’s breathtakingly inventive music, and played accordingly." CKD528 The New Criterion, 5 April 2018 "Fisk plays brilliantly. His sound is strong yet sensuous. The RSNO under the direction of conductor José Serebrier play their hearts out, with a sound that is full and rich, yet also transparent." CKD528 The Whole Note, 1 September 2017 "Fisk’s performance is simply brilliant...The RSNO performance under Serebrier is outstanding." CKD528 MusicWeb International, 14 August 2017 "It's a most attractive work in an open and welcoming style which combines delicacy, half-light and a dazzle of joyous detail." CKD528 BBC Music Magazine, August 2017 Performance 4 / Recording 5: "The orchestral sound is big...confident and film-score vivid, and demands extraordinarily virtuosic playing from American master Eliot Fisk." CKD528 Gramophone, August 2017 "...the Guitar Concerto [is] a thrilling, expansive composition brimming with terrific ideas. Performed here with Fisk’s fearless virtuosity and a clearly inspired RSNO..." CKD528 CD Choice, 6 July 2017 "...this subtly winning guitar concerto by Robert Beaser [is] played with understated sensitivity by Eliot Fisk..." CKD528 The Herald, 28 June 2017 "Powerful works with attention-grabbing crescendos..." CKD528 Classical Guitar Magazine, 13 June 2017 "[A] fascinating disc...Fisk is right on it every second." CKD529 The Sunday Times, 5 November 2017 “The Sollazzo Ensemble brilliantly express text and flavour. SP” X CKD529 BBC Music Magazine, February 2018 4.5* Choral & Song Choice: "...a magical sound-carpet of music...altogether an impressive and revelatory first recording from the Sollazzo Ensemble..." CKD529 All Music, 9 January 2018 4.5* Best of 2017: "The ensemble's pure instrumental sonorities and virtuosic singing make this album a delightful introduction to medieval music, and the recorded sound makes the listening experience a pleasure." CKD529 Early Music Review, January 2018 "...when I put on this CD I was instantly captivated by the superb performances...Magical!" CKD529 Early Music America, January 2018 "This is an exceptional performance; it is full of vitality and enthusiasm, facility and flexibility..." CKD529 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 30 December 2017 "These ancient works come off the page with a freshness and immediacy that’s compelling...Quite a debut!" CKD529 The Arts Desk, 30 December 2017 Disc of the Year: "Sollazzo Ensemble's exuberant collection of medieval songs is my disc of the year." CKD529 musica Dei donum, 29 October 2018 "Lovers of medieval music should not miss these two discs. I am looking forward to the ensemble's next projects." CKD529 The Arts Desk, 2 December 2017 "This is an exceptional release, and the most enjoyable early music collection I've encountered...It's phenomenal: excitement, sensuality and sheer fun abound." CKD529 Gramophone, December 2017 Editor's Choice: "This has to be one of the most exciting and engaging releases of medieval song in recent years...absolutely bewitching." CKD529 The Observer, 22 October 2017 4* "This imaginative debut album from the prize-winning six-member young Sollazzo Ensemble is a landmark: a wholly original approach to the secular music of the 14th century, done with energy and flair." CKD529 iTunes, 20 October 2017 "It’s hard to imagine this music performed more vibrantly." CKD538 MusicWeb International, 1 August 2017 "The playing of Daniels’ wind ensemble is beyond reproach..." CKD538 Classical Source, 1 August 2017 4* "The Serenade is beguilingly expressive...the music-making is exemplary." CKD538 Audio Video Club of Atlanta, 25 July 2017 "...glorious...the superior sound of these recordings enhances our pleasure in hearing the performances." CKD538 Financial Times, 21 July 2017 4* "The young musicians of Aldeburgh Strings and Aldeburgh Winds capture the former’s melancholy and the buoyant joy of the latter with equal skill." CKD538 All Music, 21 July 2017 4* "Linn's sound from Snape Maltings is excellent, allowing the dense Metamorphosen room to breathe..." CKD538 The Scotsman, 8 July 2017 "Their shaping of Strauss' Serenade in E flat is glowing in nuance, paving the way for a scintillating representation of the Symphony for Wind Instruments." CKD538 CD Choice, 6 July 2017 "The real triumph here is Strauss’s beguiling Symphony for Wind Instruments..." CKD538 Gramophone, July 2017 "Daniel's feeling for Strauss's longrange ebb and flow is one of the great attractions of this disc..." CKD538 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 24 June 2017 "...a fine performance of the much later Symphony for wind instruments...It’s a fine recording." CKD538 The Guardian, 8 June 2017 4* "Their sound is lithe and rich...It’s a sophisticated performance." CKD544 MusicWeb International, 9 April 2018 "...Manze and Piemontesi are so compelling in this that I found myself appreciating the work more." CKD544 Presto Classical, 8 December 2017 Recording of the Year: "...every semiquaver [is] perfectly in place, performed with crystal clarity." CKD544 Hi-Fi News, 20 November 2017 Sound Quality 80%: "The later work, often disparaged, emerges here as a sparklingly fresh and Manze's winds balances are telling in both concertos." CKD544 BBC Music Magazine, October 2017 "Francesco Piemontesi's playing is mostly magnificent, though, with crystalline clarity, radiant tone and eloquent phrasing...In the fine and intriguing cadenzas...he shines with surety of purpose." CKD544 The Irish Times, 13 September 2017 4* "Both pianist and conductor bring a high intelligence to bear...fully absorbing." CKD544 All Music, 11 September 2017 4* "The level of detail Piemontesi and Manze achieve is striking...this is far from a superfluous Mozart concerto recording, and it announces an important new Mozart interpreter." CKD544 CD Choice, 7 September 2017 "Manze’s adroitness as orchestral accompanist remain as ironclad as ever with these Mozart concertos granted a very persuasive advocacy, even in the teeth of some impressive competition." CKD544 Gramophone, September 2017 Choice: "Here again, his sympathy with the style and ethos of the Salzburger's music simply sings from the speakers." CKD544 Financial Times, 18 August 2017 4* "The artist’s captivating soft playing is equally in touch with the music’s inner soul." CKD544 Classic FM, 14 August 2017 Album of the Week: "I think the result is top class." CKD544 Presto Classical, 11 August 2017 Recording of the Week: "Piemontesi makes it all seem so effortless; I constantly marvelled at the flexibility of his left hand, with every semiquaver perfectly in place, performed with crystal clarity. It's such a graceful, clean sound." CKD544 The Guardian, 6 August 2017 4* "Piemontesi’s polished playing is alert with exactly the kind of spontaneity essential to great Mozart performance." CKD550 Gramophone, 18 September 2018 "A profound sense of quiet allied to richness among the pizzicato basses marks the opening of Robin Ticciati’s vividly recorded La mer with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin in 2017 as exceptional." CKD550 All Music, 9 January 2018 4* "This marks the first release with Robin Ticciati leading the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin, and it makes the requisite splash...a fine French program for all." CKD550 MusicWeb International, 5 January 2018 "La Mer...has both refinement, as shown by his meticulous observance of the many small details in the score, and also power." CKD550 Hi-Fi News, 18 December 2017 Sound Quality: 85%: "Debussy's six Verlaine settings...displays Kožená's fine musicianship..." CKD550 The Arts Desk, 28 October 2017 "I was won over within seconds…Ticciati’s La Mer is outstanding. The orchestral playing is superb…" CKD550 BBC Music Magazine, October 2018 "The Debussy songs have been orchestrated by Brett Dean, whose technicolor sonic imagination brings these elusive settings into vivid focus...The result is beguiling interpretations, performed with controlled intensity." CKD550 Gramophone, October 2017 "It suits Ticciati’s considered way with Debussy uncommonly well. Everything is beautifully balanced and clear. Shifts in colour and texture are carefully teased out..." CKD550 MusicWeb International, 21 September 2017 Recording of the Month: "...this quite outstanding album of Fauré and Debussy works certainly whets the appetite for future releases from Robin Ticciati with the DSO Berlin." CKD550 The Guardian, 14 September 2017 4* "Fauré’s Prelude to Penelope surges and sweeps, Debussy’s Pelléas and Mélisande suite has a rich, sombre beauty and La Mer sounds robust, brooding and vast." CKD550 CD Choice, 7 September 2017 "And the performances are as nonpareil as ever — as with this intriguing coupling. The rarity here is the orchestration by Brett Dean of Debussy’s songs Ariettes oubliées, sensitively sung by Magdalena Kozena and which in this new iteration add an intriguing new piece to the recorded repertoire of the French composer." CKD552 Hi-Fi News, 18 December 2017 Sound Quality 75%: "The Royal Academy players are brilliantly responsive to Stravinsky’s jazzy score: brass and winds especially." CKD552 The Herald, 13 December 2017 Top 20 Classical Albums of 2017: "There’s a fun tradition of venerable composers playing the speaking roles in Stravinsky’s Faustian fable The Soldier’s Tale. The custom was honoured this year with Oliver Knussen conducting Harrison Birtwistle as a superbly laconic Soldier and George Benjamin as a deliciously supercilious Devil. Bizarre and brilliant." CKD552 BBC Music Magazine, October 2017 Performance 4 / Recording 5: "For anyone wanting an English language account of this key Stravinsky masterpiece...this set has much to offer....the disc merits a strong recommendation." CKD552 Fanfare, 14 August 2017 "...this new release joins this exalted company in my unequivocal recommendation." CKD552 HiFi Sound, 1 June 2017 "...this Linn Records set sounds crisp, vibrant, and entirely captivating." CKD552 Rhinegold, 24 May 2017 5* Editor's Choice: "...crisp and alert, securing excellent playing throughout..." CKD552 All Music, 17 May 2017 5* Best of 2017: "...a complete and highly entertaining performance of this innovative theatrical work..." CKD552 MusicWeb International, 11 May 2017 "...the young players of the Royal Academy really revel in these and play with guts and a swagger which must be just what Stravinsky intended." CKD552 The Arts Desk, 6 May 2017 " versions of the original go, this new one is a winner. It's conducted, brilliantly, by Oliver Knussen, leading a flawless student ensemble." CKD552 The Art Music Lounge, 4 May 2017 "In short, this is a terrific release, so good, in fact, that I chose to replace the Nagano-Sting recording with it in my collection." CKD552 The Scotsman, 27 March 2017 4* "The musical performance is one of stinging clarity and incision..." CKD552 The Sunday Times, 26 March 2017 "[A] remarkable disc..." CKD552 Europadisc, 24 March 2017 "...this new account goes straight to the top of the pile...a dazzling account of a modern classic." CKD552 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 18 March 2017 "The chief delight is the characterful brilliance of the instrumental playing from the RAM ensemble under Oliver Knussen." CKD552 Financial Times, 17 March 2017 4* "Harriet Walter’s lively Narrator is paired with two august composers in the other speaking roles." CKD552 The Guardian, 16 March 2017 4* "...the playing of the Royal Academy's Manson Ensemble is taut, fearless and detailed." CKD552 Gramophone, March 2017 "Anyone who knows Knussen's magical disc of seemingly intractable late Stravinsky (DG, 10/95) or his unbeatable Fairy's Kiss (DG, 11/97) will want this one too." CKD561 American Record Guide, July 2017 "I loved every juicy second... Do not miss this one." CKD561 MusicWeb International, 8 June 2017 Recording of the Month: "I have run out of superlatives here as this really is a stupendous recording." CKD561 Gramophone, April 2017 "Beyond the dazzling technical polish he brings to these fiendishly challenging pieces, most striking is Wong's sincerity of purpose." CKD561 The Guardian, 23 March 2017 4* ", flair and levity make for a guilty pleasure..." CKD562 Gramophone “The playing is beautiful too. Morris, directing the graceful SCO from her cello, brings a beautifully smooth, darkly glowing tone and immense lyricism to all three works” X CKD562 BBC Music Magazine, February 2018 "Morris gives sensitive and stylish performances...this is an enjoyable disc." CKD562 The Strad, January 2018 "In Morris's hands, these miniatures spring to life and have a sparkle that is attractive and well-recorded programme of Baroque and Classical repertory." CKD562 All Music, 3 December 2017 "...Morris' version [of the Monn concerto], is distinctive, and Morris' smooth melodic style fits the work." CKD562 The Herald, 28 October 2017 "...altogether an hour’s worth of Baroque quality." CKD562 BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped', 1 October 2017 Album of the Week: "…a thoughtful, beautifully-paced prelude…stylish playing." CKD565 Gramophone, October 2018 "There’s no questioning Fliter’s innate affinity for Chopin…Fliter realises her poetic potential most convincingly…" x CKD565 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 27 October 2018 "Fliter certainly understands the essential simplicity underpinning some of the pieces, the emotional complexity of some of Chopin’s night thoughts." CKD565 The Scotsman, 5 December 2018 4* “…an inspired performer…there is finesse and a natural flexibility that allows every phrase to sing.” CKD565 BBC Radio 3 'In Tune', 29 October 2018 "A new recording of Ingrid Fliter playing Chopin is always an intriguing prospect." CKD565 RTE Lyric FM 'Sound Out', 9 December 2018 "A really lovely selection of works any Chopin enthusiast would have cause for listening to." CKD565 International Piano, Jan/Feb 2019 4* "With lovely sound from Linn, this is a well-produced, well-thought-through survey..." CKD565 The Daily Mail 16 November 2018 5* "She must be the finest piano talent to come out of Argentina since Martha Argerich, and her Chopin playing has now achieved a level of sculpted perfection that few can match." CKD565 BBC Music Magazine, Xmas 2018 "There will also be Chopin lovers who find her Nocturnes very much to their taste." CKD565 Classical CD Choice, 22 October 2018 "Those who know her earlier Chopin performances will not be surprised to learn of the poetry and musicality of these recordings..." CKD565 MusicWeb International, 15 November 2018 "[Fliter] adds an element of imaginative freshness, inventiveness and originality which I find compelling...For me, it’s her nuanced voicing, rarefied expressiveness, striking lucidity of textures and achievement of colour which distinguish these performances." CKD565 BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped', 18 November 2018 Album of the Week: "'s absolutely delicious." CKD566 BBC Music Magazine, October 2018 Performance 5* / Recording 3* "...this release can hold its own with the best around. Thomas Søndergård's approach conjures a pulsing energy of the kind which seems to well up from within the music itself." CKD566 MusicWeb International, 20 September 2018 "The highlight of the disc is the performance of the elusive and mystical Oceanides, where the orchestral playing is outstandingly refined and full of tension." CKD566 The Arts Desk, 28 July 2018 "...this collection of tone poems and incidental music boasts excellent sound, with impressive playing from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales." CKD566 The Scotsman, 26 July 2018 4* "The opening Nocturne is an absolute gem, serene, evocative, and richly melodic. Søndergård teases out every ounce of quiet passion." CKD566 All Music, 24 July 2018 4* "His approach to Sibelius is dry, deliberate, and focused on transparency and the revelation of inner detail, and in realizing these goals, he draws fine playing from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales." CKD566 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 30 June 2018 ", well-paced, nowhere for the players to hide in the upfront detailed recording." CKD566 CD Choice, 22 June 2018 "These are performances of immense sensitivity and (where required) dramatic forcefulness – The Oceanides in particular is given one of the most striking readings it has enjoyed in recent years." CKD566 Gramophone, 18 October 2018 "Combining power with subtlety, this 192kHz/24-bit recording of orchestral Sibelius from Thomas Søndergård on Linn has a chilly magic all of its own." CKD566 Hi-Fi News, 19 November 2018 Album Choice: "...Linn's Cardiff production conveys every nuance of Sibelius's scoring." CKD566 Scherzo, 30 November 2018 "..the result, in my opinion, is superb...Søndergård seems to me a natural Sibelian." CKD566 MusicWeb International, 19 June 2018 "This is a full-throated big hall reading of the Suite which is given a most impressive symphonic impulse. These recordings and readings equate integrity with restraint and warrant being played at a higher than usual volume." CKD567 musica Dei donum, 24 April 2018 "Ensemble Marsyas, which delivers impressive performances of the music selected for this disc. Especially the players of the natural horns deserve the highest praise for their efforts." CKD567 Early Music Review, 5 January 2017 "This terrific CD, bustling with energy and creativity, gives a vivid impression of Edinburgh in 1742..." CKD567 The Herald, 13 December 2017 Top 20 Classical Albums of 2017: "With great style and charisma, Peter Whelan and his excellent Ensemble Marsyas reconstructed a typical Society concert in Edinburgh 1742." CKD567 MusicWeb International, 9 December 2017 Recording of the Year: "...wonderfully vivid playing of tremendous music was the icing on the cake. Lip-smacking stuff!" CKD567 BBC Music Magazine, November 2017 Performance 4 / Recording 5: "Ensemble Marsyas afford all due splendour to ravishing largos, martial pomp to rousing allegros, and high-spirited dance steps to assured disc of horn-infused Baroque finery." CKD567 MusicWeb International, 12 October 2017 "In all five Concerti Grossi the Edinburgh-based Ensemble Marsyas play with impeccable stylistic elegance...decidedly pleasing..." CKD567 Gramophone, October 2017 Editor's Choice: "Emilie Renard is the soprano here, and no less boldly magnificent is she than the horns that blow through not only this piece but virtually the whole disc like an invigorating and cleansing wind." CKD567 The Arts Desk, 23 September 2017 "This superb disc celebrates Barsanti’s Scottish period, pairing his music with works by his one-time collaborator, Handel...Glorious stuff...Linn’s sound is spectacularly vivid." CKD567 All Music, 11 September 2017 "Recommended for those who love Handel and his era." CKD567 RTE Lyric FM 'Classic Drive', 4 September 2017 CD of the Week CKD567 Presto Classical, 30 August 2017 Editor's Choice: "...brought off with captivating brio from all involved" CKD567 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 12 August 2017 "...played with tremendous zest and character...a vibrant recording..." CKD567 Europadisc, 4 August 2017 "Engaging, entertaining, sensitive and remarkably assured, it will appeal to all lovers of Baroque music. Altogether a triumphant disc." CKD567 The Guardian, 3 August 2017 4* "’s a rich insight, played with great style and charisma." CKD567 The Irish Times, 2 August 2017 5* "Baroque music gem: The performances by Ensemble Marsyas...are consistently bracing." CKD568 American Record Guide, 20 August 2018 "Gothic Voices still sets a high standard for sensitive interpretations of this repertoire." CKD568 Gramophone, July 2018 Editor's Choice: "What a pleasure, then, to be able to welcome this Dufay recording as matching all the qualities that made Gothic Voices absolute leaders in the field." CKD568 Limelight Magazine, 2 November 2018 4.5* "Given the complexity of rhythm and texture in much of this music, it is wonderful to hear such stylish performances in which vocal flexibility and clarity are never absent." CKD568 iClassical, 27 June 2018 5* Album of the Month: "This is medieval music at its finest...don’t hesitate to add this to your music collection." CKD568 MusicWeb International, 28 May 2018 "...with this beautifully produced CD more instruments have been added, producing a disc of greater colour and variety..." CKD568 All Music, 8 May 2018 5* " attractive program of motets and chansons...Highly recommended." CKD568 Gramophone, December 2018 Fabrice Fitch's 2018 Critics' Choice: "Dufay and the Gothic Voices? Thirty years ago this would have been a dream ticket, so it’s a pleasure to hear them roll back the years with this – particularly since new opportunities to hear 15th-century songs are so thin on the ground these days. A welcome renaissance indeed." CKD568 Gramophone, December 2018 David Fallows' 2018 Critics' Choice: "My treat of the year was definitely the return of Gothic Voices with a new recording of songs and motets by Dufay. Not just beautifully presented and assembled with originality and intelligence, this recording features performances that throw new light on this music." CKD568 The Sunday Times, 29 April 2018 "The four singers of Gothic Voices, the mezzo Clare Wilkinson and a quartet of instrumentalists seem perfectly attuned to Dufay’s intoxicatingly elegant, graceful style." CKD569 Stereophile, May 2018 5* Recording of the Month: "When the score calls for sheer tenderness, they fairly melt into the music, every subtlety heard and felt. And yet it's never precious. This remarkably honest reading balances the holy with the dazzling." CKD569 Choir & Organ, March 2018 5* "Vital passion (especially in the concerti), fresh, compelling fervour, luminous clarity and exquisite phrasing flow from ten vocal virtuosi and brilliant instrumentalists." CKD569 The Herald, 13 December 2017 Top 20 Classical Albums of 2017: "…we got the glorious 1610 Vespers as given the Dunedin treatment for Linn: stripped back performances under John Butt that are fresh and luminous, lithe and alive." CKD569 Early Music Review, Brian Robins, 20 November 2017 5* "Given the outstandingly tuned singing and ensemble, the result is to expose Monteverdi’s often dazzling counterpoint in rare detail and clarity...a finely conceived and splendidly executed achievement." CKD569 Early Music Review, David Stancliffe, 20 November 2017 5* "This is a first-rate recording...the sounds of the Dunedin’s strings and His Majestys Sagbuts and Cornetts are exceptionally well-blended and beautifully captured in this intelligent and well-produced recording." CKD569 Gramophone, November 2017 "With so many Vespers recordings out there, this one joins the ranks of those with both a character of its own and something to say." CKD569 Primephonic, 17 October 2017 4.5* "Most striking is the involving intimacy of a performance that satisfies liturgical need while also remaining alert to the expectations of the contemporary listener." CKD569 BBC Music Magazine, October 2017 Performance 5 / Recording 4: "This compelling and insightful album is an outstanding contribution to Monteverdi's 450th anniversary... Particularly effective is the coloristic sonority of the organ which, by employing the Hauptwerk system, reproduces the sound of an early Venetian instrument." CKD569 BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped', 1 October 2017 "Good line up including the wonderful baritone Peter Harvey whose voice and intelligence shines through in everything he does." CKD569 All Music, 28 September 2017 4.5* Best of 2017: "...this luminous rendition of the 1610 Vespers is one of the most exciting and satisfying for its virtuosity and brilliance." CKD569 Classic FM, 25 September 2017 Album of the Week: "If you want some Monteverdi in your life, you can’t do better than this new recording..." CKD569 The Observer, 24 October 2017 4* "...the recording sounds fresh and clear..." CKD569 The Mail on Sunday 'Event Magazine', 24 October 2017 5* "Any recording by Butt is an event. And this one, recorded with a small, hand-picked choir of ten voices, is special even by his elevated standards." CKD569 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 9 September 2017 "...the standard of solo singing is outstanding, beautifully ornamented." CKD569 Europadisc, 8 September 2017 Disc of the Week: "... this endlessly absorbing, beautifully presented and intensely focused performance from Butt and his forces ticks all the right boxes." CKD569 Financial Times, 8 September 2017 4* "...a virtuoso display of individual talents." CKD569 The Sunday Times, 3 September 2017 "...a magnificent choral sound..." CKD569 BBC Music Magazine, November 2018 Building A Library 'Best Recording': "This is one of those rare recordings, impressive at first blush, that reveals more with every hearing...this Vespers transcends historically informed performance practice to touch the spiritual core of Monteverdi's masterwork." CKD571 Millennium of Music, 26 March 2018 "Phantasm are skilled musical tour guides to Tye’s challenging terrain." CKD571 MusicWeb International, 28 November 2017 "Phantasm’s playing is very beautiful, and the melodic expression and detail in articulation and harmonic balance makes for fascinating listening." CKD571 BBC Music Magazine, November 2018 Performance 4* / Recording 5* "...the consort's percussive energy brings a contemporary feel to proceedings and the result, beautifully recorded in Boxgrove Priory, turns out to be very convincing." CKD571 All Music, 9 October 2017 4.5* Best of 2017: "Phantasm demonstrates that Tye was capable, assured, and even daring in his contrapuntal invention..." CKD571 Gramophone, October 2017 "This collection of his complete consort music throws up surprise after surprise – a revelation of a recording that offers a startling perspective on a familiar musical landscape." CKD571 Presto Classical, 30 September 2017 Editor's Choice: "...vibrant, full-blooded performances - the music really dances..." CKD571 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 23 September 2017 "It’s hard to imagine Tye’s complexities and idiosyncrasies being laid before us by a viol consort with more beauty than this..." CKD571 Financial Times, 15 September 2017 4* "Sometimes plangent, often ebulliently uplifting, these are ever unpredictable pieces...all are exquisitely played by Phantasm..." CKD571 The Guardian, 31 August 2017 4* "...what strikes me about this recording is its suaveness, its evenness, its consistent beauty." CKD572 Fanfare, 2 August 2018 ...the present collection remains a solid single-disc choice for these works.' CKD572 BBC Music Magazine, August 2018 Performance 4* / Recording 4* "For a start, these pieces are so irresistibly tuneful, and then there's the humour - less suave, sometimes edgier than Mozart's, but at times winningly delicate." CKD572 MusicWeb International, 2 May 2018 "In every way these are exemplary performances in clear, close, but warm sound of some of Beethoven’s lighter music, which warrant an enthusiastic recommendation from me." CKD572 Gramophone, May 2018 "The Sextet, too, is marvellously done here – fluent, articulate and sensitively shaped, with delicious interleaving of phrases in the rambunctious finale." CKD572 The Scotsman, 20 March 2018 5* "...a showstopper, where the very stuff of theatre – its tensions and releases, its compelling narrative vitality and emotional nuances – is played out in scintillating musical terms." CKD572 The Herald, 3 March 2018 "...the line-up on this recording is particularly impressive..." CKD572 MusicWeb International, 1 March 2018 "You couldn’t hope for more masterful, affable guides." CKD572 Financial Times, 23 February 2018 4* "The wind soloists of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra make a lovely job of them and throw in a handful of pleasing miniatures to fill the disc." CKD572 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 17 February 2018 "All the wit and character of all the individual players coming through but yet still at the service of the whole ensemble. Something close to a perfect balance of individuality and team spirit." CKD578 The Herald, 9 October 2018 "The work packs a powerful punch in these hands, and nowhere more so than when Bostridge combines with the chorus in the aria hymning "the double, double, double beat/Of the thund'ring drum"." CKD578 Europadisc, 5 October 2018 Disc of the Week: "Of course, the big stars in any performance of the Ode to St Cecilia are the solo soprano and tenor, and here this recording hits gold. The other star is Butt himself: as ever, he shapes the music in an unforced, surefooted unmissable recording." CKD578 The Scotsman, 9 October 2018 5* 'This is yet another Baroque tour de force from Butt, who has a simple knack of turning highly informed intelligence and curiosity into performances fired by spontaneous combustion.' CKD578 The Observer, 29 October 2018 "It’s one of the greatest moments in all of Handel, superbly realised by Carolyn Sampson and the Dunedin Consort under John Butt..." CKD578 Gramophone, December 2018 " Handel lover is likely to be disappointed with a disc whose attractions are enhanced by a vivid performance of the A minor Concerto grosso (its opening movement truly affettuoso) and Butt's own superb, wide-ranging booklet essay." CKD578 CD Choice, 22 October 2018 "With its dramatic and colourful sound values, this recording of Handel's ever-popular choral piece bids fair to be the most impressive reading of the piece in years - and one that at a stroke becomes the definitive available version." CKD578 Presto Classical, 31 October 2018 Editor's Choice: "...this full-blooded reading of Handel’s great hymn to the patron saint of music plays out on a larger scale than we’re perhaps used to from Butt and his Dunedin forces, to powerful and frequently moving effect." CKD578 Classical Source, 31 October 2018 4* "The Dunedin Consort’s interpretation of Handel’s Ode...brings the work to life with enthusiasm, charm, and wit." CKD578 MusicWeb International, 15 November 2018 "What could be more wonderful for lovers of Handel’s music and of Carolyn Sampson: delectable music, delectably sung...[a] very recommendable new release." CKD578 MusicWeb International, 10 December 2018 "This fine account of a noble work joins the very best available." CKD578 The Sunday Times, 11 November 2018 "Butt’s reading with the Dunedins and the Polish choir has irresistible sweetness, with the tenor Ian Bostridge and the soprano Carolyn Sampson on top form." CKD578 All Music, 23 November 2018 4.5* "...the Ode is given a crisp performance by John Butt and the Dunedin Consort, with soprano Carolyn Sampson and tenor Ian Bostridge as vocal soloists and the Polish Radio Choir providing spirited renditions of the choruses." CKD578 Financial Times, 9 November 2018 4* "Everything is at once graceful and uplifting...Soprano Carolyn Sampson and tenor Ian Bostridge are engaging soloists..." CKD578 Early Music Review, 2 December 2018 "Carolyn Sampson and Ian Bostridge contribute greatly to the success of the performance...In addition to the ode, the disc includes a very fine performance of the Concerto grosso, op. 6, no. 4." CKD578 Choir & Organ, Jan/Feb 2019 5* "...a lovelier, more joyful performance seems unimaginable." CKD578 BBC Music Magazine, Xmas 2018 Performance 4* / Recording 4* " should catch Carolyn Sampson, Ian Bostridge and the Dunedin in this Handel masterpiece. They glide through the score in utterly ravishing ways that transcend rival incandescent performance." CKD578 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 24 November 2018 "Some fantastically colourful instrumental playing obviously, they really bring that to life don’t they?" CKD581 American Record Guide, 20 June 2018 "All in all, it is a very satisfying Gabrieli recording, strongly recommended." CKD581 All Music, 3 May 2018 5* "...a virtuoso super group that is perfectly suited to the glorious antiphonal music of Giovanni Gabrieli...Highly recommended." CKD581 Gramophone, May 2018 "...smoothly blended trombones and the incisive agility of the trumpets...wrap the listener up in one tingling embrace." CKD581 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 17 March 2018 "Isn’t that a gorgeous sound? The result is a richly rewarding blend of ancient and modern, the recording itself is deeply satisfying as I hope you can tell." CKD581 Early Music Review, 29 October 2018 5* "The playing is wonderfully musical and impressive, with impeccable intonation and phrasing, and a wonderful depth of tone." CKD582 The Times, 19 October 2018 4* "Pinprick precision? Here it is, with every layer in Reich’s tapestry cleanly delineated to a degree hard to achieve in a live concert. Reich called the result a “remarkable pleasure”, offering a startling “microscopic close-up” of his score. I know what he means..." CKD582 All About Jazz, 22 October 2018 4.5* "Kuniko's performance both differs from and betters previous versions in its better sonics and mathematics...Kuniko achieves the near impossible with a demanding piece, requiring dense attention and a deft touch." CKD582 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, 12 October 2018 "I have heard virtually all of the versions that have come out since the first recording and they are all good. But this one is by far the best, the most inspired, the most moving I have heard." CKD582 BBC Music Magazine, Xmas 2018 "KUNIKO performs all 13 parts of Reich's minimalist work herself, using multi-tracking to great effect. It is dynamic and less aggressive than other versions; a very calming listen." CKD582 Gramophone, November 2018 "Kuniko’s musicianship is colossal from bongo to piccolo...I relished it from start to finish and will continue to." CKD582 MusicWeb International, 6 December 2018 "An incredibly nuanced performance, one in which every phase is minutely captured with clarity and accuracy." CKD582 Politiken, 23 November 2018 6/6: "It is fascinating and it seems as if it's the definitive version on record...Powerful, but controlled." CKD585 BBC Music Magazine, October 2017 "Kuniko's voluptuous marimba...cloaks the music in an all-consuming glow...The sheer technical elan she brings to the violin fugues, however, is jaw-dropping..." CKD585 Gramophone, October 2017 "That relaxed, effortless flow of sound is enticing..." CKD585 The Whole Note, 29 August 2017 "Kuniko’s enormous insight into Bach and her own limitless inventiveness make for muscular, exhilaratingly voiced and contrapuntally lucid performances..." CKD585 Audiophile Audition, 9 August 2017 5* "A deeply felt and perfectly realized expression of Bach solo works on marimba" CKD585 Baker & Taylor, 8 August 2017 CD Hotlist: "As always, her playing is masterful—not only her sheer technique, but also her emotional investment..." CKD585 All About Jazz, 15 July 2017 5* "Kuniko's performances are a mathematical and physical wonders, revealing Bach as never before in all his fecund possibility." CKD585 Audio Accessory, 1 July 2017 "An excellent performance which lets us hear the chords inherent in Bach's unaccompanied works." CKD588 Gramophone, September 2018 "Freeman-Attwood’s tone itself is a joy: warmly glowing with a multitude of different colours, and deliciously sleek both in technical execution and overall sound." CKD588 Early Music Review, 29 October 2018 5* "The two players perform the music with style and elegance...a fine performance, recorded beautifully and well presented with comprehensive notes." CKD588 BBC Music Magazine, October 2018 "There's no doubting the technical prowess of these two crack performers, and it's hard not to share their guilty delight in this stolen booty: intonation and ensemble are spot-on..." CKD590 Records International, 26 July 2018 "...the ability to spin a winning lyricism in slow movements should make everything presented here approachable even to the just mildly adventurous…" CKD590 MusicWeb International, 4 June 2018 "These are warm, polished and convincing performances, well-rehearsed, with immaculate ensemble in each case. All of the works have been recorded in top-notch sound." CKD590 BBC Music Magazine, May 2018 "'s hard to beat the dancing simplicity of Into the Radiant Boundaries of Light for viola and guitar, or Ports of Call for guitar and two violins - a sunny guide to the Mediterranean calling points of Jewish refugees...Adler in a nutshell." CKD594 The Times, 5 October 2018 "Performances by Laurence Dreyfus's ensemble Phantasm are always worth treasuring, although there's a special glory about this album devoted to Matthew Locke..." CKD594 BBC Music Magazine, January 2019 Performance 5* / Recording 5* "With weightless bowing and wispy articulation, Locke's dance music floats and contrapuntal threads are woven into a fabric sheer as gossamer...Phantasm trips the light fantastic, with Elizabeth Kenny's drumming theorbo adding pizzazz." CKD594 iClassical, 30 October 2018 4.5* "All releases by Phantasm are well worth listening to but this one, dedicated to the music of Locke, excels even by their high standards." CKD594 All Music, 19 November 2018 4.5* "...the music is realized to its fullest dimensions...and the details of Locke’s quirky music are crisply rendered." CKD594 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 6 October 2018 "So alive not just for the lightness of the dance movements but also the extraordinary harmonic twists and turns of Locke’s fantazie movements...The playing is everything we’ve come to expect from Phantasm." CKD594 RTE Lyric FM 'Sound Out', 9 December 2018 "’s a very fine recording...another plus for this recording is that it reunites the Phantasm ensemble with the lutenist Elizabeth Kenny..." CKD594 Early Music Review, 8 January 2019 "This is a lovely CD oozing musicality from every pore, and Phantasm and Elizabeth Kenny provide expert guidance through every twist and turn of Locke’s rich imagination." CKD594 Gramophone, November 2018 "Indisputably superb...It is recordings of this calibre that will attract new listeners to the English consort repertoire." CKD594 Europadisc, 12 October 2018 "...this disc is a veritable cornucopia of delights. Not just ‘for lovers of consort music’, then, but for all lovers of chamber music, immaculately conceived and executed. Essential listening indeed!" CKD601 MusicWeb International, 25 September 2018 "...unusual, provocative, and masterfully essential acquisition." CKD601 Fanfare, 2 August 2018 "The good news is that overall these performances feel not only Brahmsian but also full of color and variety." CKD601 Gramophone, July 2018 "A scintillating account of Brahms’s symphonies, in no small part due to the dynamics and detail of the 192kHz/24-bit Linn download." CKD601 American Record Guide, 20 June 2018 "I think the balances are terrific, as are the Scottish strings and the overall sound of the orchestra. The recording was made in Usher Hall, Edinburgh; that must be part of the reason the sound is so beautiful. And I hear more agility in the playing than I have heard with larger orchestras." CKD601 Hi-Fi News, 4 June 2018 Sound Quality 85%: "Ticciati has prepared this cycle as his final SCO project, and these are highly intelligent readings, finely engineered." CKD601 MusicWeb International, 22 May 2018 "This, then, is a very fine Brahms symphony cycle from Robin Ticciati and the SCO...a very attractive proposition indeed." CKD601 All Music, 22 May 2018 5* "Robin Ticciati and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra present a fresh take on the symphonies...Linn's pristine sound quality is a perfect complement to Ticciati's transparent readings. Highly recommended." CKD601 BBC Music Magazine, May 2018 5* Recording of the Month: "These are revelatory performances that make you listen afresh to this wonderful life-enhancing music." CKD601 The Arts Desk, 7 April 2018 "Magical moments abound...this is the best recent recording of [No. 3] I've heard." CKD601 Gramophone, December 2018 Richard Fairman's 2018 Critics' Choice: "Some recordings intoxicate the senses, simply because they have so much to offer. The way in which every detail of this music has been honed and perfected by Ticciati’s trusted players in the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and then absorbed into a lyrical, affectionate whole, is endlessly fascinating. This has to be, as far as I’m concerned, the most beguiling small-orchestra Brahms yet." CKD601 Gramophone, April 2018 "Ticciati's is lean and quite dazzlingly transparent. Listening with score in hand, I marvelled at the conductor's meticulous observance of Brahms's markings. Nearly every instruction regarding dynamics, phrasing and articulation is accounted for." CKD601 The Guardian, 29 March 2018 5* CD of the Week: "What stands out is the sheer range of sound and colour Ticciati has at his disposal...the playing is unfailingly vivid." CKD601 The Scotsman, 27 March 2018 5* "There is enticing detail in these performances...and there is a truly natural sense of expression that highlights the genuine beauty in Brahms." CKD601 BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped', 25 March 2018 Album of the Week: " always the playing is first class from the SCO...It’s a delight to listen to from start to finish." CKD601 The Herald, 24 March 2018 "I predict universal praise for the new double set...the whole package takes us through the story of Brahms and his relationship with symphonic form in a way that is a real joy." CKD601 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 24 March 2018 Disc of the Week: "...think about what you gain in the clarity of texture...brighter, lighter sounds balanced against the smaller string sections..." CKD601 Europadisc, 23 March 2018 "...with the SCO’s superb musicianship and Ticciati’s unmistakable imagination and energy [this is] a cycle that really is worth celebrating." CKD601 The Times, 23 March 2018 5* "...this is a set that sweeps aside recent rivals, brilliantly illuminating Brahms's inner textures and making the familiar new." CKD601 Classical Voice, November 2018 Recording of the Month: "This is Brahms of wonderful maturity" CKD601 iTunes, 23 March 2018 "...marvel at the delicacy of his phrasing and the litheness of his lines...this is Brahms to savor." CKD601 Financial Times, 9 March 2018 4* "...they have every slightest detail at their fingertips, illuminating phrase after phrase with new meaning...this is a highly rewarding set of the symphonies, well played and well recorded." CKD601 CD Choice, 2 March 2018 "...this Brahms cycle is a worthy successor to his earlier much-acclaimed readings of the symphonies of Schumann...the sound is still highly impressive, the performances top-drawer." CKD601 Classic FM, 18 February 2018 "...that should certainly be in our Hall of Fame." CKD601 Presto Classical, 27 January 2018 "A classy leaving-present from one of today’s great conductor-orchestra partnerships as Robin Ticciati says goodbye to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra." CKD610 The Times, 21 September 2018 4* "The album’s finale is good too: it’s Duparc’s orchestral morsel Aux étoiles, evanescent but twinkling..." CKD610 Presto Classical, 30 September 2018 Editor's Choice: "...the balance and clarity [Ticciati] achieves throughout is something to marvel at..." CKD610 All Music, 19 November 2018 5* "...the real gems of this album are the mélodies by Duparc, which Kožená sings with passion, warmth, and luscious tone...Highly recommended." CKD610 MusicWeb International, 4 October 2018 "This enchanting depiction from Ticciati is as beautiful as it is compelling...Ticciati presides over fresh and polished playing from his Berlin players...This is deliciously seductive singing from Kožená." CKD610 BBC Music Magazine, November 2018 "Robin Ticciati and his orchestra bring out Ravel's colours with precision and vibrancy in a far from routine performance." CKD610 Gramophone, November 2018 Editor's Choice: "This is another excellent performance...It’s a gorgeous disc: do listen to it." CKD610 BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 6 October 2018 "It glows with warmth and glitters with detail...[a] rather beautiful and imaginatively drawn programme." CKD610 Hi-Fi News, 19 November 2018 Sound Quality 85%: '...his spacious and exciting version I rate as at the level of the classic Cantelli and Karajan versions.' CKR319 Gramophone, October 2018 Top Choice: "The instrumentalists’ illuminating expressivity, a superior five-part chorus, an unparalleled Polyphemus, Butt’s judicious direction, and impeccable sound engineering are just some of the elements that amply capture the work’s special charms." CKR419 Gramophone, October 2018 Landmark Recording: "The latest development in historic performance style: John Butt’s revealing interpretation reconstructs the Leipzig liturgy within which Bach’s Passion would have been first heard." Fug 742 Gramophone “To say Grether has met her brief is an understatement. This is easily my favourite solo recital in quite some while.” X Ric 383 BBC Music Magazine a sound experience which is both clear and ethereal X Ric 383 Gramophone “Hildegard is presented responsibly but with a newly minted colour to the discreet instrumental accompaniments. It is an eminently worthwhile addition to the Hildegard discography” X RIC392 Music Web International, October 2018 This unique and superbly produced boxed set tells you all you need to know about the composer of some of the most beautiful madrigals in the repertoire. ALPHA416 The Guardian, December 2018 ...the performances of the two chamber works (Pashchenko plays the quintet, Lubimov the Notturno) are airy and athletic, making the best possible case for Dussek's appealing music, with its roots in 18th-century classicism, but with occasional anticipations of the Romanticism to come. ALPHA416 Sunday Times Dussek’s 1806 Concerto for Two Pianos is a first-rate piece, as boldly original as Beethoven and possessing the revolutionary spirit of its age."
BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 6 October 2018