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SAMUEL SCHEIDT AND HIS CONTEMPORARIESHeinrich Schtz - Christoph Bernhardt - Johann-Rudolph Ahle - Johann-Hermann Schein - Johann-Philippe Krieger Prima Pars Concertuum Sacrorum - Geistliche Konzerte Greta DE REYGHERE, soprano - Katelijne VAN LAETHEM, soprano - Agnès MELLON, soprano - Marie-Nolle DE CALLATA , soprano- Henri LEDROIT, counter-tenor - Max VAN EGMOND, bass - James WEAVER, bass Whereas the main source of inspiration of XVIIth century composers in Central Germany was still the tradition of Lutherian chorals, they gradually fell under the spell of the new Italian music. By and by, the dramatic recitative, vocal virtuosity and the mixture of voices and instruments becomes interwoven with the polyphonic tradition. Samuel Scheidt's collection of _Concertum Sacrorum_ is one of the most stunning illustration of this Italian influence. This recording also comprises a selection of "spiritual concerts", which, in their own way, also highlight this surprising fusion of styles.

5 Goldberg award