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After a praised discography; Ciacconas of JS BACH diapason découverte in 2005, Préludes, Chorals & Fugues de JS BACH diapason d’or in 2009, several records in romantic music; Schumann in 2007, Chopin in 2010, Edna Stern offers her first concertos recording. She chose early Mozart concertos which played many times in a quintet format and for which she rediscovered this chamber approach with the soloist of the Orchestre d’Auvergne.

As Mozart left Salzbourg’s archibishop to become an independant musician, his new concertos are a true change compared to the baroque form of concertos where the soloist was at the centre followed by the orchestra. Mozart chose a passionate dialogue betwen the piano and individual members of the orchestra, where the piano expresses its feeling and the orchestra comments them, the winds play at the first person. “Both the level and the nature of the dialogue in K.271 were without precedent. So was the promotion of the wind section to the front ranks of musical diplomacy. » Jeremy Siepmann