• Boris Tishchenko

    Concerto for violin, piano & string orchestra / Dante-symphony n°3

    Victoria Postnikova, Alexander Rozhdestvensky, String Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Gennady Rozhdestvensky

    Concerto for violin, piano & string orchestra / Dante-symphony n°3 1 cd FUG 702
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Boris Tishenko's composer's career spans the modest thaw under Khrushtchov, the Brezhnev freeze, Gorbachev's perestroika, the great leap into liberal economics under Eltsin and still goes strong under Putin. Though he was Shostakovich's favourite pupil and has been, for 50 years, a major figure in St. Petersburg musical life, his musical work is little known outside specialised circles. A renowned professor of composition, Tishenko is the author of a great variety of works: some touch upon a - to occidental ears - "new age" mysticism, but most build on the tradition of Shostakovich. Let's not forget that Tishenko's cello concerto, created and recorded by none other than Rostropovich, was actually orchestrated by the master in homage to his young disciple ! Before delving into earlier works, Fuga Libera here give us an overview of current compositions (both works on the CD are post 2000), inspired by a very committed Gennadi Rojdejdvenski in these "live" performances. The celebrated maestro conducts his wife Victoria Postnikova and his son Alexander in a surprising double concerto, and, leading the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, displays the grimacing feast of an epical symphony inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy.

Recommandé par CLASSICA award