Hrachya Avanesyan, winner of the last violin session of the Carl Nielsen Competition in Denmark, is a violinist of great caracter. Based in Belgium, where he followed the classes of Augustin Dumay at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel; he recorded the second Violin Concerto of Henri Vieuxtemps for Fuga Libera on a remarkable album (FUG575) in which his participation shone as bright as that of his musical partners. His feverish touch and intense sense for music are perfectly suited to the music of Antonín Dvořák, especially when it is distilled by such extraordinary artists: in the Romance and in the concerto – a work of art often forgotten - Sinfonia Varsovia answers the injunctions of Augustin Dumay like a single Stradivarius. Marianna Shirinyan, who already has an impressive career behind her in Scandinavia and Germany, is just as convincing in the adorable Romantic Pieces. This album is a new milestone in Fuga Libera’s Collection of Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel recordings that led to the revelation of artists such as Plamena Mangova and Trio Dali.