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With this new record, the flutist and director Alexis Kossenko, rising star of the young Baroque generation, finishes the integral of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's concertos started in 2006 (Alpha 093, best mark of the magazine Classica at its release). He is once again accompanied by the Polish ensemble Arte dei Suonatori, of which he has been the guest conductor for several years.
When Frederic II accessed to the throne in 1740, he was 28 years old. But he who was to lead Prussia for more than thirty years with an iron fist, turning it into one of Europe's most powerful nations, was not only an enlightened absolutist who seduced the philosophers. He was also a passionate flutist who gave the traverso, recently introduced in the Germanic world, an almost official status. He invited numerous composers to constantly provide him with new works, and played them at almost daily concerts. That's how Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach wrote the six concertos for traverso obligato, works in which, as Alexis Kossenko observes, the composer "experiments, plays with fire, opens staggering gulfs of expression under the player's fingers and breath".

Choc Classica award