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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Alexis Kossenko:

" This recording was an essential point of my departure in my work as a flautist and conductor, because it was the first project on which I was able to control all the parameters. It seems to me very important to have an approach to this concertante repertory by C. P. E. Bach in which orchestra and soloist share a single musical conception. I was able to obtain that total unity by working as both soloist and conductor. To be honest, I took a greater interest in preparing the orchestra than in my flute part, and that naturally generated a different, more comprehensive view of the work, to which this programme owes its cohesion. 

Of the five C. P. E. Bach concertos I knew then, it was an obvious choice to record the ones in G major and D minor because we had concert experience of them, but also because they are the most emblematic, the best-known. They’ve haunted me for many years, even from the time before I started playing period flutes – since they are the only ones well known to ‘modern’ flautists. 

I feel very much in phase with the music of C. P. E. Bach, which for me has something very feline about it: it’s capable of purring gently and then suddenly clawing you. It’s never totally domesticated, and I love its wild, mysterious side."

Choc Classica award