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This third volume ends the passionate work initiated by Arthur Schoonderwoerd for Alpha in 2004 with the integral recording of the Beethoven's concertos for pianoforte on period instruments. Source of debates, provoking as well enthusiasm as rebuttal, this collection of recordings clearly arouses the question of the reconsideration of different stylistic options far from the common Beethovenian model imagined by the artists of the 20th century.

Everything starts here from the pianoforte and its own nature that determinates the orchestral strength. Contrarily to the common listening habits, based on the veneration of an orchestral « paste », often considered as Beethoven's ideal but being in fact a legacy of the post-industrial vision of music, Schoonderwoerd confirms how much the promethean reasoning is present in the pure writing of the composer. As it was already true in his first concertos.

Irr outstanding award