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SALUTARIS HOSTIA - STABAT MATER DOLOROSA - AIR D'OEDIPE À COLONE - HERMINIE - AIR DE MÉDÉE - DUO DE MA TANTE AURORE - AGAR DANS LE DÉSERT Exceptionnally interesting, this programme recently and briliantly opened the Arriaga Year in Bilbao, the native town of the composer whose dead in 1826 - he was not yet 20 - was considered as a considerable loss by his contemporaries, in Spain as well as in Paris. Lets celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth with a true world premiere. His vocal works are performed here on the original manuscripts : two motets and all the lyrical essays composed during his last months of life in Paris. Besides the famous Quartets, the Symphonie and the ouvertures, Il Fondamento [1], with the precious help of the Fundacion Caja Madrid [2], opens a new fold in the discovery of the Basque genius : these " essays " are from a true master of early romanticism.

Links: [1] [2]

Muzyka 21 award Exceptional SCHERZO award CHOC Monde de la Musique award Luister 10 (Good) award R 10Classica award