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In 1694 Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, kapellmeister at the court of Count Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, published a collection of trio sonatas for a typical German ensemble of the period: violin, viola da gamba, and bass continuo.  Pairing the violin with the viola da gamba seems to exemplify the fusion of Italian and French musical traditions,  and this same fusion is found in the forms of these compositions, with an Italianate sonata followed by a suite of French dances – a model that Johann Sebastian Bach would later recall. These sonata-suites are endowed with undeniable charm and an infectious liveliness, and François Joubert-Caillet, with his ensemble L’Achéron, give us a particularly seductive interpretation of them.

Le choix de France Musique award

"L’Achéron’s playing style cements the impression: majestic and amorous of tone, with a soft-edged, ample yet transparenttexturedsound that’s humanised further through little tugs and pushes of metre and hairpin dynamic bulges."
"In short, this is the best performance of Erlebach's sonatas that I have heard."
Musica dei Donum, January 2020
"So, a lot of fine sound variety. The violinist Marie Rouquié and François Joubert-Caillet on the viola da gamba often captivate with their silky harmony, and then again stand out clearly from each other, which is also suggested by their different pitches. Even there, stimulating prgmatism prevails from the spirit of a music that is clearly more than mass production of the time."