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With the participation of: Serge Saïta, Guido Balestracci, Isabelle Saint Yves, Jonathan Rubin, Blandine Rannou, Amélie Michel

After the success of its CD devoted to the Sonatas of Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Florence Malgoire’s ensemble Les Dominos now explores the first French sonatas. All of these works date from the 1680s, the time when the French had just discovered the Italian sonata style and had begun to use it, albeit in some secrecy. This recording contains the complete sonatas of François Couperin, four of which are the original versions of sonatas that Couperin would later make use of in Les Nations. This is the first recording to present the sonatas in their entirety, in particular because the sonata La Convalescente is here recorded for the very first time; this sonata was discovered only recently in a manuscript copy in Germany.

5 Diapason award ffff Télérama award