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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Vincent Dumestre:

"The idea was above all to reveal something of musical life around Monteverdi, which was virtually unknown at the time. The contrast between Monteverdi and his contemporary Marazzoli afforded an insight into the riches of this period, and the experience invited us, by extension, to rediscover the Cremonese master. 

So it was the discovery of the Palazzo Mocenigo that not only inspired this recording but also guided me in the choice of instrumentation, voices, and the forces to use. Once you’ve visited this room, just eight metres wide, everything becomes evident: it isn’t so much a question of intimacy as of realism in the face of the constraints inherent in the space. In fact, these concrete aspects are very often the best way to reach an understanding of the reality of a work. 

It seems indispensable to me to approach Baroque music without limiting our field of vision. That’s why, for each project, we try to understand a whole period and the customs associated with it. That in its turn implies being curious about all kinds of music and extending our reflection to the oral repertory. These sources shed a new and different light on the so-called ‘learned’ repertories. All the same, within the framework of this particular programme, aside from the tarantella in Il combattimento, these works by Monteverdi contain no elements from popular music; only the character of Il combattimento as a stage work reflects that dimension." 

Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik award Grand Prix Academie Charles CROS award Choc Classica award