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Soprano  Jodie  Devos,  who  has  signed  with  Alpha  for  several  recordings,  here  pays  homage  to  Offenbach,  whose  bicentenary  of  his  birth  is  celebrated  in  2019.  This  programme  shows  Offenbach’s  fascination  with  the  vocal  fireworks  of  coloratura  divas.  This  kind  of  ‘lyric  coloratura’  or  ‘soprano  leggero’  voice  runs  like  a  thread  through  most  of  the  composer’s  oeuvre,  from  his  first  pieces  for  two  or  three  soloists  to  those  grand  frescoes  of  his  maturity,  La  Vie  parisienne, Robinson  Crusoé, and Orphée  aux  Enfers.  The  coloratura  soprano  also  adorns  Offenbach’s  less  frivolous  operettas  (such  as  Fantasio),  as  well  as  his  only  serious  opera  –  Les  Contes  d’Hoffmann –  in  which  the  role  of  the  doll  (with  only  one  aria,  but  what  an  aria!)  is  among  the  most  famous  in  the  entire  French  repertoire.  Concocted  collaboratively  with  Alexandre  Dratwicki  and  the  Palazzetto  Bru  Zane,  this  recorded  programme  –  tailor-made  for  Jodie  Devos  –  presents  innumerable  rarities  from  Mesdames  de  la  Halle, Boule-de-Neige,Un  mari  à  la  porte, Le  Roi  Carotte,  Le  Voyage  dans  la  lune,  and  Vert-Vert.  In  the  famous Barcarolle "Belle nuit, Ô nuit d'amour",  she  is  joined  by  up-and-coming  mezzo-soprano  Adèle  Charvet.

Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik award ffff Télérama award GRAMOPHONE Editor's Choice award Le choix de France Musique award BBCMusic Choice award JOKER CRESCENDO (plus récent) award Choc Classica award Diapason d'or - Arte award Diamant Opera Magazine award Prix Caecilia award Presto Classical Editor's Choice award Klara Ordeel award Oper ! Awards Solo 2019 award Choc Classica 2019 award Diapason Or 2019 award Presto Year 2019 award

"It will likely leave a smile on your face for the rest of the day."
"'A few ‘Ah’s! That’s all I need!’ sings Devos as La Corilla, the cynical coloratura-queen in Vert-Vert as she simultaneously mocks and indulges her audience’s appetite for flashy vocal fireworks – and whilst this young French soprano certainly entrances and thrills with the wordless roulades of the Valse-tyrolienne from Un mari à la porte and the Doll Song from Hoffmann, she’s no slouch with text either, bringing real pathos to arias from Le roi carotte and Fantasio in particular."
Presto Classical
"If you just want sheer entertainment, with a sly wit and some toe-tapping tunes, this is definitely for you: Devos sounds as though she's having fun all the way."
Opera Now
"What an excellent dessert! This feels like all the trifles wrapped up in one! Offenbach 16 times over and, like most light desserts, it is an absolute delight."
"In all, this is a genuinely competitive release."
BBC Music Magazine