• Cluster Swerve

    Noah Kaplan Quartet

    Cluster Swerve 1 cd hatOLOGY 716
    Hat Hut

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With the participation of: Noah Kaplan, Joe Morris, Giacomo Merega, Jason Nazary

Noah is a very skilled and mature improviser. He knows who he is. His confidence allows him to stay open to new ideas and to keep searching. Given the chance to work all the time, I think he would take the saxophone to many more new places. He uses technique with control and inspiration to make his own music. He got a lot from Joe Maneri. But I can say—as someone who has worked with both of them—that Noah has his own thing and he has years ahead of him to grow it.

Joe Morris

Noah Kaplan Quartet: Noah Kaplan / Tenor & soprano saxophones - Joe Morris / Guitar - Giacomo Merega / Electric bass - Jason Nazary / Drums & electronics