• Arcangelo Corelli

    Church Sonatas Opus 1 & 3

    The Avison Ensemble

    Church Sonatas Opus 1 & 3 2 cd CKR 414
    Linn Records

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Corelli: Opus 1 & 3: Church Sonatas is the final recording in The Avison Ensemble’s celebration of Corelli’s chamber music and the sixth album in their critically acclaimed series of recordings with Linn. Released to mark the 300th anniversary of the death of the composer, the ensemble’s greatly anticipated series explored the six opera of the eminent Italian’s chamber music: the concerti grossi, violin sonatas, chamber sonatas and church sonatas. Each of Corelli’s church sonatas is a small gem; these short sonatas are full of innovation, beauty and warmth. They demonstrate a superior level of craftsmanship: they are of the highest quality, exquisitely refined and an example of perfection in music. Corelli’s contribution to the history of violin performance was immense and these trio sonatas were instrumental in raising the musical bar to new heights. All six of his published collections of instrumental music demonstrate his exceptional skill as a violinist and composer, but it was in his church sonatas which became the pillars of this musical format.