‘I often say that my development is (no pun intended) arborescent. Each stage leads me on to another, but also generates interconnecting paths.’

Bob Verschueren

What if we started out from the postulate that plants can be, for the duration of an album, materials that are not only visible but also audible? Such is the intention here of the visual artist and master of the ephemeral Bob Verschueren, in his second opus devoted to the sound pictures that he composes and organises on the basis of manipulation of vegetal matter. Crossbreeding the arts of sound and vision once again, and using the disc as a source of both inspiration and constraint, he invites us to immerse ourselves in his exciting and essential relationship between nature and matter. Come and discover the astonishing result of this sonic treatment of elements of sugar cane, hornbeam, oak, endive, fennel and many other species!