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Marco Beasley offers us an original way to discover the Italian religious repertoire for two tenors of the nascent Baroque. In fact, his fantastic experience as a singer allowed him to record these ‘sacred concerts for two voices’ alone, thanks to the technique of re-recording. A new dimension opens up to the listener thanks to the astonishing artistic coherence offered by this technique. And beyond technique, this disc attests to the emotion, both double and unique, guiding the musical gesture.

In addition, this recording will allow to discover numerous unjustly forgotten composers such as Donati, Caprioli, Giamberti, Sances et al., whose qualities of writing are comparable to those of the great Monteverdi (represented here by the Salve Regina and Jubilet tota civitas). The programme is judiciously rounded off by three magnificent sonate da chiesa by Castello,
Marini and Fontana.

On no account should this blockbuster disc be missed!