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After releasing all the Brandenburg Concertos and Orchestral Suites, Zefiro joins forces with authoritative singer Dominik Woerner to investigate the intriguing relationship between bass voice and reed instruments in Bach’s sacred cantatas.  “Johann Sebastian Bach’s son Carl Philipp Emanuel tells us of his father’s talent as a singer: ‘He had a good penetrating voice of wide range and good singing style.’ It is therefore not surprising that the three church cantatas for solo bass are among his most exquisite and personal vocal works. Singing voice and instruments enter into a special relationship in these pieces. The dense yet sensitive polyphony is filled with a warmth and tenderness that seems to bring us closer to Bach, who is otherwise so ‘hermetically closed’. The ‘I’ voice in the poems of cantatas BWV 56 and 82 becomes the composer’s voice. Bach’s solo cantatas are precious gems whose subtle beauties go straight to the listener’s heart.” - Peter Wollny