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Could you ever imagine that one of the most popular saints in the Christian calendar of the Middle Ages was - Buddha?

After ten years of research in a multitude of libraries worldwide, Katarina Livljanić and the ensemble Dialogos, faithful to their exploratory and fearless spirit, bring yet another surprise from the less known medieval lands, after its award-winning albums such as  Dalmatica: Chants of the Adriatic  (A395), Lombards & Barbares  (A319), La vision de Tondal  (A329), Judith: A Biblical Story from Renaissance Croatia (Alpha 702).

It is the incredible story of saints Barlaam and Josaphat, a christianized version of Buddha's life, which crossed over at least four religions and was transmitted through almost all the medieval languages. Powerful songs —  incarnated by voice and instruments, sing the legend about the king's son, prince Josaphat, who leaves the noisy world of opulence to search for inner peace  — songs which follow the path of his story from one medieval language to another, from Greek, Latin to Old Croatian, Italian, Church Slavonic…

This project is a unique new experience: a multimedia e-book, in French and English, is included in this CD. It tells the story of Barlaam & Josaphat and leads the listener/reader through one of the most intriguing labyrinths of medieval world. Through a rich and original video, audio and iconographic material, it opens the doors into the artistic creative process which transformed a medieval legend into a musical performance.

"(...) I found it all so fascinating that I had to listen to it all over again immediately. Even if you don't follow the texts in detail and simply let it wash over you, as I confess that I did some of the time, the music is always enchanting and often ethereal."
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