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The first album that Fonti Musicali released in a CD version after 1988, this collection of Italian Renaissance dances is a milestone in the label’s history. Thanks to the work of the “archeo-choreographer” Andrea Francalanci, the several-centuries-old dances were recreated based on treatises by Fabritio Caroso (1581,1600) and Cesare Negri (1602). The influence of these two choreographers was felt throughout Europe. The contribution of the musical supervisor Sergio Balestracci and the instrumental ensemble that was assembled for the occasion gives a better idea of the physiognomy of these dances, which were in vogue at a time when Italy was artistically, politically and economically ablaze with a thousand lights. 

Recorded in the Church of San Niccolò in Cortona by Lou and Claude Flagel in 1987.

Original booklet available below in English, French and Itialian.

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