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Following his recording of J.S. Bach’s solo cantatas for alto BWV 35 and 170 (issued by Outhere in 2009), and building on the success of that disc – still a benchmark even today – countertenor Damien Guillon has continued his work of research and interpretation, devoting his second CD to the Cantata BWV 169 for alto solo, and to the famous BWV 82 Ich habe genug; though better known in its 1727 version for bass, from 1735 onwards it was also performed by an alto voice.

To complement this cantata programme, organist Maude Gratton performs Bach’s Prelude and Fugue BWV 543, as well as the chorales Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr, BWV 662, BWV 663 & BWV 664.

Le choix de France Musique award

"The music of J.S. Bach could hardly be better performed and presented than on this Alpha Classics album, making it indispensable listening for devotees of Baroque music."
MusicWeb International
"Damien Guillon opens his recording with a performance of Ich habe genug. As this version is scored for mezzo-soprano, and not for alto, it requires a solid high register (…) This performance is probably the best I have ever heard as far as the mezzo-soprano version is concerned. [...] This disc is definitely one of the best Bach discs I have heard in recent years. The two cantatas are at the top of my list of favourite performances. They will be hard to surpass."
Musica Dei Donum