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La Serenissima’s imposing standing in music history is reaffirmed again and again through the continuous presence of some of its greatest composers and musical works in concert and radio programs throughout the world. Inês d’Avena and Claudio Ribeiro wanted to have a different look at the repertoire, discover ‘new’ music, and perhaps add a small, new piece to the musical puzzle. In the autumn of 2018, they spent forty days in Venice exploring a number of musical archives. Among their new finds – six anonymous manuscript sonatas per flauto as well as for solo harpsichord, displaying the melodic freshness and rhythmic vivacity that is so appreciated in this repertoire – is also a newly discovered work by Vivaldi, all presented here as a world premiere. The exciting result of their research was recorded at a historic venue, the Sala della Musica dell’Ospedaletto in Venice.        

"Inês d'Avena and Claudio Ribeiro have delighted us with their recordings before, and this is another compelling performance of repertoire of high quality. Because of the repertoire and the performances, I have added this disc to my list of recordings of the year."
MusicWeb International