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The first notes of the descending chromatic theme break the silence and it seems as if time has stopped. The listener is drawn into the world of John Dowland, the greatest lutenist of all, in a journey through multiple shades of melancholy and lucent hope. Never before had the lute sounded as expressive and colourful as in these masterful Fancies, as dynamic as in these sparkling dances: Renaissance lute music here reached its summit. Bor Zuljan explores these qualities in his debut solo recording, breathing new life into Dowland's masterpieces.

GRAMOPHONE Editor's Choice 1 award Diapason Or award Choc Classica award Diapason - Diapason 2020 award

"Zuljan's eclectic background as a guitarist, oud player and lutenist, combined with musical tastes that range from medieval to jazz, makes him highly responsive to the varied hues of Dowland's palette. "
BBC Music Magazine
"This is the first solo album by the Slovenian lutenist Bor Zuljan (born in 1987). Clearly, he is a mature artist both in technical terms and in interpretative skills. (…) The result is a decidedly auspicious debut and I shall certainly look out for future recordings by Zuljan."
MusicWeb International
"Dowland has rarely sounded exactly like this. Zuljan's Dowland collection is his first solo recording. We can look forward to more. "