• James Macmillan

    Who Are These Angels?

    Cappella Nova

    Who Are These Angels? 1 cd CKD 383
    Linn Records

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Cappella Nova follow on from their 'undeniably beautiful' (The Financial Times) Linn debut, MacMillan:Tenebrae, with their second volume of choral works by the leading contemporary composer. The outstanding Scottish group have a unique relationship with James MacMillan, the composer having written several works for them. All of the tracks are premiere recordings, recorded under the supervision of MacMillan, whose fascinating conversation with Rebecca Tavener on his new works are included here.

Who are these Angels? includes the last of the Strathclyde Motets, seven of which were included on Tenebrae. Also included is the mass James MacMillan wrote specifically for Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Scotland in September 2010, sung by over 150,000 people.