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American-born soprano Jill Feldman has been at the forefront of period performance for many years. Feldman's debut solo recording for Linn is a vocal masterclass; her highly expressive style combines vocal agility with close attention to the dramatic content, beauty and meaning of the text.

Feldman has selected some of the greatest 17th century Italian music ever written, from Monteverdi's declamatory madrigal Lettera Amorosa to Caccini's Quest Lagrim'amare with its formal perfection and extremely ornamental refinements and d'India's Mentre Che'l Cor which laments the unfulfilled vows of love of youth. Critics are constantly lavishing praise on her and many reviews compliment Feldman's ‘special combination of absolute control and thinking musical personality' , as well as her ability to communicate music of this period ‘with astonishing restraint and perfect diction'. This is a varied and engaging chamber programme with Nigel North on lute and theorbo providing a thoughtful accompaniment.