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Peter Whelan and the Irish Baroque Orchestra explore the music in Ireland from the 1750s to 1770s. Following a live performance, The Irish Times wrote that ‘Whelan and the IBO are lively guides to this repertoire’ which marks a revolutionary moment where the structures of Baroque music break down and we see the emergence of the Classical style. Many trailblazing early classical composers visited Ireland during this time including van Maldere, Pasquali and Giordani (some even incorporate Irish traditional melodies into their symphonies). Perhaps the most famous visitor to Ireland at this time was the superstar castrato, Giusto Tenducci, who had works especially written for him by Mozart, Haydn and J. C. Bach. To tell his swashbuckling tale, IBO is joined by present-day superstar Irish mezzo-soprano Tara Erraught, performing works which would have been sung by Tenducci in Ireland. This programme also includes modern-day premieres from the collection at the National Library of Ireland including van Maldere’s Sinfonia in G, known as the ‘Dublin’ Sinfonia, Giordani’s much-admired Overture and Irish Medley to the entertainment of The Isle of Saints and The Braes of Ballenden by J. C. Bach.

"It is given a very capable performance by mezzo Tara Erraught, whose attractive tone and warmth are heard to particular advantage in the second aria (‘Tu virginum'), where we even get a cadential trill. "
Early Music Review
"It's called The Trials of Tenducci and it is to be welcomed, following as it does his compellingly interesting Welcome Home, Mr Dubourg."
Business Post
"Whelan handles the music with typically invigorating drive and, like the agile mezzo-soprano Tara Erraught, responds to the album's classical treatment of Irish tunes without undue sentimentality."
The Irish Times
"This is a lovely, imaginative disc … Here Whelan and his forces have created an engaging and fascinating recital which draws a number of threads together."
Planet Hugill
"There's Mozart, there's operatic virtuosity from the pen of Arne, and other relative obscurities, too. Refreshingly novel."
The Scotsman
"This is an immensely appealing recording – a gripping story told with plenty of verve and style. "
"Whelan and his forces have created an engaging and fascinating recital which draws a number of threads together."
Planet Hugill