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The ninth volume from the unique 'Complete Songs of Robert Burns' compendium. Includes the tracks

My heart's in the Highlands, The Smiling Spring  and The Noble Maxwells.


Karine Polwart - Voice / guitar – lead singer

Niall Kenny - Voice

Kirsten Easdale - Voice

Jim Reid - Voice / guitar

Mairi Campbell - Voice

Ross Kennedy - Voice / guitar

Fraser Fifield - congas / cojon / whistle
Iain Hood - clarsach
Pete Clark - fiddle / viola / mandolin
Iain MacInnes - small pipes
Steve Byrne - bouzouki / guitar / bodhran
Pete Clark - fiddle / mandola
Aaron Jones - cittern
Chris Stout - fiddle
Eddie Maguire - flute
Gary Peterson - banjo / mandolin
Angus Lyon - accordion
Ian Lowthian - accordion
Stevie Lawrence - djembe / dulcimer / guitar

Produced and compiled by Dr Fred Freeman
Engineered by Peter Haigh

In Memoriam Davy Steele – Singer, Song-writer, Instrumentalist
“We keep the music going”. How often has that simple principle heartened us in adversity. With his characteristic warmth and pawky good humour Davy Steele kept the music going throughout his life… and well beyond. His lively performances, culminating in his stint with the Battlefield Band, and his own poignant songs of weal and woe (the haunting “Summerlee” album, for example) will ring in our ears for generations to come.

I am priviledged to have collaborated with Davy in this series. His inimitable tracks on vols. 4 and 5 – “My love is like a red, red, rose”; “John Barleycorn”; “Robin Shure in hairist”; etc. – are classics in their kind.

With gratitude,
Dr Fred Freeman