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Medieval interest in animals and mythical creatures was not limited to the visual arts and literature. At the same time that bestiaries – manuscripts depicting animals and mythical creatures – were being compiled, composers were producing innumerable pieces that describe these same beasts from a musical point of view. "Song of Beasts" combines medieval iconography with texts and music, immersing a modern audience in this fascinating world of verbal, visual and aural imagery. Ensemble Dragma paints a multifaceted, moving and indepth portrait of the bestiaries, giving a glimpse of a long lost medieval mindset. Various mythical and real animals are introduced, including the panther, the viper, the phoenix and the basilisk. These pieces by both renowned and less well-known composers are musical jewels, combining artful poetry with engaging melodies.

"This is a super gift for somebody who loves – or is even curious about –the European Middle Ages.(…) The main impression here is that these three wonderful musicians and their colleagues had terrific fun assembling this; and they communicate that fun faultlessly. Enjoy."
"If you've seen creatures depicted in carvings on church pews, ivories, or in the bestiaries popular in the period, you'll respond to these spare, atmospheric songs."
the Guardian
"Agnieszka Budzinska Bennett, Marc Lewon and Jane Achtman sing and play with complete authority and virtuoso vim."
Choir & Organ