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Riga-born Ksenija Sidorova is today one of the most eminent global ambassadors of the classical accordion. She has proudly borne the colours of her instrument in appearances in the world’s leading halls and with the foremost orchestras. Here she pays homage to Piazzolla in her own way: ‘Piazzolla the revolutionary, the ground-breaker, a man thinking ahead of his time . . . Playing this repertoire gave me a sense of artistic freedom and ignited my belief in advocacy of my instrument. For this album, I wanted to celebrate Piazzolla the innovator by pairing some his masterworks with pieces written by other composers for classical accordion, the majority of which I have premiered in recent years. Being of Russian heritage, I couldn’t help noticing the similarity between the nostalgia of the tango and that of Russian composer Sergey Voitenko’s Revelation. French accordionist-composer Franck Angelis’s Fantasia is based on Piazzolla’s waltz-tango, and the programme is completed by the Nocturne of Italian accordionist-composer Pietro Roffi and a piece by Sergey Akhunov.’

"At the programme's heart is a riveting interpretation of Piazzolla's Bandoneón Concerto. (…) Brilliantly played and intelligently programmed, this beautifully recorded album is Sidorova's best yet, and the most satisfying Piazzolla disc to come my way in quite some time."
BBC Music Magazine
"The recording itself is warm, spacious and beautifully balanced. All in all, this is my favourite Brockes-Passion right now. Perfect for Easter or anytime you like of course."
BBC Radio 3 Record Review
"Dynamic shifts and the sculpting of phrases could not be subtler, while the range of colors is vast."
BBC Music Magazine
"The program is intelligently designed, with a diversity of styles that allow Sidorova to display her complete mastery of her instrument "
The Classic Review
"The piece pulses with heart-thumping brilliance, and Sidorova plays it with the affection and expertise that you would expect from its place in her story. It's an exciting and brilliant way to end an exciting and brilliant disc, one that has fired my interest in Piazzolla and left me hungry for more. "
MusicWeb International