• Orpheus. Hommage à Saint-Saëns

    Trio Zadig

    Orpheus. Hommage à Saint-Saëns 1 cd FUG788
    Fuga Libera

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The Trio Zadig marks this Saint-Saëns anniversary year by presenting him not only as a composer but also as a transcriber of other composers’ works. Rameau’s Pièces de clavecin en concerts 1 and 5, together with Liszt’s Orpheus, both arranged by Saint-Saëns for piano trio, frame his own op. 92. This programme gives the listener the impression of travelling through both time and space, in the 18th and 20th centuries, in Hungary and in France. The Zadig trio remain true to their quest for unusual and unfamiliar repertoire; following the example of Voltaire’s hero, they continue their adventures in the world of chamber music.