• Johann Sebastian Bach

    Harpsichord Concertos

    Retrospect Ensemble, Matthew Halls

    Harpsichord Concertos 1 sacd CKD 410
    Linn Records

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Retrospect continue their highly acclaimed series of recordings with this current offering: J. S. Bach Harpsichord Concertos. Matthew Halls directs from the harpsichord in this elegantly virtuosic Bach performance. Revel in this fascinating recording - and even try to identify the 'Bach re-worked' passages...

Having wowed the critics with its 2011 recording of J.S. Bach: Easter and Ascension Oratorios Retrospect Ensemble returns with Bach's Harpsichord Concertos. Director Matthew Halls takes on the role of soloist, having proved both his keyboard virtuosity and affinity with Bach's harpsichord music in his debut solo recording, J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations, which IRR named 'Outstanding'.

Bach's harpsichord concertos are full of dazzling virtuosic passages and incredible solo cadenzas; they showcase his natural flair for contrapuntal and chromatic colour and feature re-worked old favourites.