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This latest recording from the award-winning viol consort focuses on an important composer and radical thinker from the sixteenth century, the Englishman Christopher Tye. Tye is especially bold in his metrical and harmonic experiments embraced within his mystical but surprisingly approachable instrumental works. There are pieces depicting the biblical Rachel weeping for her children, an In Nomine counted in lengths of five beats (unheard of before the nineteenth century) and obsessional works – such as Sit Fast – which test the rhythmic skills of musicians with passages of dizzyingly modernist metrical complexity. Phantasm take a radically different approach to previous recordings, delivering a performance that brings out the music’s ceaseless energy, rhythmic articulation, and provocative harmonies – in short, one that highlights Tye’s insights as music for today. Phantasm will perform works by Christopher Tye at Berlin’s Marienkirche and London’s Wigmore Hall in September and October 2017 respectively.

"Phantasm are skilled musical tour guides to Tye’s challenging terrain."
Millennium of Music, 26 March 2018
"Phantasm’s playing is very beautiful, and the melodic expression and detail in articulation and harmonic balance makes for fascinating listening."
MusicWeb International, 28 November 2017
"Performance 4* / Recording 5* - ...the consort's percussive energy brings a contemporary feel to proceedings and the result, beautifully recorded in Boxgrove Priory, turns out to be very convincing."
BBC Music Magazine, November 2018
"4.5* Best of 2017: Phantasm demonstrates that Tye was capable, assured, and even daring in his contrapuntal invention..."
All Music, 9 October 2017
"This collection of his complete consort music throws up surprise after surprise – a revelation of a recording that offers a startling perspective on a familiar musical landscape."
Gramophone, October 2017
"Editor's Choice: ...vibrant, full-blooded performances - the music really dances..."
Presto Classical, 30 September 2017
"It’s hard to imagine Tye’s complexities and idiosyncrasies being laid before us by a viol consort with more beauty than this..."
BBC Radio 3 'Record Review', 23 September 2017
"4* - Sometimes plangent, often ebulliently uplifting, these are ever unpredictable pieces...all are exquisitely played by Phantasm..."
Financial Times, 15 September 2017
"4* - ...what strikes me about this recording is its suaveness, its evenness, its consistent beauty."
The Guardian, 31 August 2017