With a program as unique as his faultless technique, lutenist William Carter presents three works by J.S. Bach, each reimagined from the original by either Carter or Bach himself. Carter subtly enhances BWV 1001, originally for unaccompanied violin, in keeping with Bach’s own perceived style, namely to only add ‘as much harmony as he found necessary’. The cheerful Prélude which opens BWV 1006 is particularly well-known as it was a favourite of Bach’s to arrange. This mild refashioning of what was originally a Partita for solo violin allows Carter to highlight the relaxed and intimate nature of the music. The final piece undergoes the most extensive reimagining as Bach expertly transforms the Fifth Cello Suite into a ‘new’ lute work; so successful is it that Carter considers it to be, in terms of understanding the essential nature and expressive qualities of the lute, ‘the most perfect piece of lute music in existence’. A founding-member of the famous Palladian Ensemble, Carter has a deserved reputation as one of the finest exponents of both classical guitar and lute. Carter is principal lutenist of The Academy of Ancient Music and The English Concert with whom he has appeared on numerous recordings.

"Carter brings a confident sense of style and elegance to the music, never letting on quite how challenging the writing can be and giving us an effortless lesson in re-creating Bach on another instrument."
Planet Hugill
"Played with intimate understanding by William Carter. The introspective quality of his playing makes for some magical moments of stillness and reflection and the focus of the recording adds to the effect."
BBC Radio 3 'Record Review'