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About us

An independent musical production and recording group, Outhere Music distributes its recordings all over the world - approximately a hundred per year, ranging from early to contemporary music, by way of jazz and world music -, in physical form as well as digital.

Our philosophy favours the quality of our ties with the artists, scrupulous attention paid to the realization of every project and an openness to the new forms of distribution and relations with audiences. The Outhere Music group was founded in 2005 by Charles Adriaenssen and is established in Brussels, Paris and, quite recently, Cologne.

The ALPHA CLASSICS label henceforth groups all the artists who, up until now, recorded for ALPHA and ZIG ZAG TERRITOIRES. This merger allows for greater coherence of the some 600 recordings in the existing catalogues (especially as regards the field of Baroque music, a strongpoint of both labels) and new signatures. The aim is to fulfil our role as a major player in independent international production.

Outhere Music also includes the following labels: RICERCAR, a label of reference for early music, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year; PHI, a label created and directed by Philippe Herreweghe; ARCANA, specializing in Italian music; AEON, quite present in contemporary music; and FUGA LIBERA, which has become the group's digital label.

Outhere Music's productions are distributed by its own subsidiaries (Outhere Distribution) in Benelux and France, and by independent partners in the rest of the world. In addition, Outhere Music is present on all downloading and streaming platforms.


General inquiries: info@outhere-music.com

Rue de l'épargne, 29
1000 Brussels
Tel.: (+32)23738200

31, Rue du Fbg Poissonnière
75009 Paris
Tel.: (+33)143451120

Vondelstraße 29 - 31
50677 Köln
Email: infodeutschland@outhere-music.com
Tel.: (+49)221-60608415


AUSTRALIA: SAVD - www.savd.com.au

AUSTRIA: Lotus Records - www.lotusrecords.at

BENELUX: Outhere Distribution - www.outhere-distribution.com

CANADA: Naxos of America - www.naxosusa.com

CZECH REPUBLIC: Classic Music Distribution - www.classic.cz

FRANCE: Outhere Distribution - www.outhere-distribution.com

GERMANY: Note 1 - www.note-1.de

GREECE: Classical Disc Center

HONK KONG: Shun Cheong Record - www.shuncheongrec.com

HUNGARY: Karsay és Társa Kft. 

ITALY: Self Distribuzione  - www.self.it

JAPAN: Mercury 

NEW ZEALAND: Ode Records - www.oderecords.co.nz

POLAND: CMD Classical Music Distribution - www.cmd.pl


RUSSIA: Warner Music Ltd. - www.galarec.ru

SCANDINAVIA: Naxos Sweden - www.naxosdirect.se


SPAIN: Semele Music - www.semelemusic.com

SWITZERLAND: Harmonia Mundi Musicora - www.musicora.ch

TAIWAN: OSCC - www.stsd99.com

UNITED KINGDOM: RSK Entertainment - www.rskentertainment.co.uk

USA: Naxos of America - www.naxosusa.com