• Antonio Vivaldi

    XII suonate à violino solo, e basso per il cembalo

    Fabio Biondi

    XII suonate à violino solo, e basso per il cembalo 2 cd A 422

Nur in den folgenden Ländern erhältlich: Europa und im Mittelmeerraum. Wir bedauern, dass eine Lieferung in andere Länder derzeit nicht möglich ist. Fehlerhafte Bestellungen werden nicht versendet.

weitere Künstler: Maurizio Naddeo, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Paolo Pandolfo, Rolf Lislevand

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Discovered by Michael Talbot in 1973, the 12 sonatas of the Manchester manuscript are generally considered the high point of the composer’s chamber music. They are performed here
by Fabio Biondi, one of the most authoritative Vivaldi performers, accompanied by an allstar continuo group: Rinaldo Alessandrini, Rolf Lislevand, Paolo Pandolfo and Maurizio Naddeo

In his liner notes, Michael Talbot reckons that Vivaldi assembled them to present to Cardinal Ottoboni, the great Roman patron of the arts (portrayed by Francesco Trevisani on the front cover), on the occasion of the cardinal’s visit to Venice, his birthplace, in 1726.

Liner notes in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish