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After the success of the first forty-two reissues, which restored to the limelight some of the gems of the early music repertory in the catalogues of our labels, here are fourteen new titles to allow listeners to renew acquaintance with further treasures of the Renaissance, Baroque and classical, performed by some of the leading interpreters of the genre; most of these discs won one or more awards on their first release. As with the first series, the booklets include notes in French, English and German. The photographers – among the main contemporary ones – illustrate the covers of the series with their work; this time the common design element is the colour pink.

Le choix de France Musique award

„Auch nach 16 bis 17 Jahren können sich Anima Eterna und Jos van Immerseel mit ihren Mozart-Aufnahmen auf dem Plattenmarkt behaupten. Ein Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum gibt es für diese Einspielungen nicht!“
Meinolf Bunsmann, hr2, 07.08.2018