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The “reception dynamics” embodied by the Yoshi patrons who gave Anthony Braxton a new sweater, the Santa Cruz woodwind technician who overhauled Braxton’s instruments pro bono, and, most tellingly, the cheers of the Kuumbwa Jazz Center audience, are integral to the Quartet’s stellar performances on Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993. During its tenure, Braxton frequently described the Quartet’s work with the phrase “navigation through form.” For Braxton, the West Coast tour was a definitive demonstration of this meta-reality.  While Braxton’s use of “navigation through form” was generally taken by commentators to mean an openended odyssey, the phrase now suggests a journey with a clearcut destination; as such, the music made at Santa Cruz represented a long sought-after goal, completing the Quartet’s passage through Braxton’s rapidly expanding music system.  – Bill Shoemaker