• Jean-Marie Leclair

    Premier livre de sonates à violon seul avec la basse continue

    Fabio Biondi

    Premier livre de sonates à violon seul avec la basse continue 1 cd A 361

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weitere Künstler: Rinaldo Alessandrini, Pascal Monteilhet, Maurizio Naddeo

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A shadowy, unstable and misanthropic character, died mysteriously from a knife wound inflicted by an unknown assailant, Jean-Marie Leclair is the real creator of the French violin school and one of the greatest violinists of the Eighteenth Century.

His prolific output, almost exclusively devoted to the violin, consists of a series of collections of sonatas published throughout his lifetime, in which stand out 48 sonatas for violin and bass (four volumes). The First Book of Sonatas for Solo Violin with Basso Continuo dates from 1723 and represents Leclair’s first publication.

Four sonatas are performed here by Fabio Biondi, one of the most authoritative Baroque performers, joined by an all-star continuo group featuring Rinaldo Alessandrini, Pascal Monteilhet and Maurizio Naddeo.