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This release is a new milestone in the Ars Trobar collection by Ricercar. The exploration of the Carmina Burana by Millenarium goes forth, this time with a distinctive derisive touch ! The famous manuscripts contain indeed a strange Proper of the Mass entitled Officium Lusorum or Office of the Gamblers, in which the Lord Dice is worshipped in an almost Bacchic rite. Musicians of the Millenarium ensemble and its supplementary players present these pieces in a reconstruction of a 'Messe des fous' as it would have been performed in the great French cathedrals of the 13th century in the period between Christmas and New Year. In strong contrast to the satyrlike character of the Proper performed by the Namur Chamber Choir, the singers of the Psallentes ensemble perform the Ordinary of the Mass in Gregorian chant of the most extreme purity.