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This recording is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the musical inner circle of the Bach family. We are familiar with Johann Sebastian Bach as a composer of genius, but we know little about his family life, with the exception of the famous Clavierbüchlein (Little keyboard book) that the forty-year-old composer gave as a present in 1725 to his second wife Anna Magda-lena, his junior by sixteen years. This manuscript is a unique document of the music the family played together. It provides us with a point of reference for the ‘programmes’ of these domestic concerts: it contains short keyboard pieces and songs alongside extended arias taken from the church cantatas, as well as chamber music. Bach and his two eldest sons were not only virtuoso harpsichordists but also excellent violinists, while the composer’s son-in-law Bach, J. C. Altnic-kol, played the cello and was an outstanding double bass player. Anna Magdalena Bach and her oldest stepdaughter both contributed as singers. And the still young children of the second marriage participated by playingeasy pieces on their father’s various keyboard instruments. The musicians and singers on this recording, all eminent exponents of Bach and of Baroque music in general, have come together here to bring these exceptional moments back to life.

Diapason d'Or 2017 award

„‚Tja, da möchte man tatsächlich die Augen schließen und selig wegdämmern, bei so himmlischem Singen. Anna Lucia Richter scheint für Bach geboren, sie gestaltet mit einer natürlichen Bescheidenheit und Selbstverständlichkeit, ihre Stimme ist völlig ausgeglichen und hat einen derart seltenen Liebreiz, dass man süchtig werden könnte. … Fast wünschte man sich ihn (Georg Nigl) mal als Evangelisten in einer Bach-Passion, so, wie er mit seiner Stimme erzählen kann, und so, wie er ihr eine nie ganz koschere Süße verleiht.‘“
Katharina Eickhoff, SWR2, 08.09.2017
„‚Die beiden Vokalsolisten singen auf höchstem Niveau‘“
Bernhard Schrammek, kulturradio rbb, 11.09.2017