• Tiranno

    Kate Lindsey, Arcangelo, Jonathan Cohen

    Tiranno 1 cd ALPHA736
    Alpha Classics

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Corruption? Betrayal? Persecution? Tyranny? These subjects resonate with the current events of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They also provide the subject matter of many seventeenth-century musical works. Kate Lindsey has chosen to devote this second Baroque recital with the English ensemble Arcangelo directed by Jonathan Cohen (following Arianna in 2020, ALPHA576) to the figure of Nero. Scarlatti, Handel and Monteverdi wrote works focusing on this tragic protagonist and his entourage, including his mother Agrippina and his wives (Poppaea and Octavia). Interpreted with incredible intensity by the American mezzo-soprano, the programme features world premiere recordings of two cantatas: Alessandro Scarlatti’s La morte di Nerone (c.1690) and Bartolomeo Monari’s La Poppea (1685). Tenor Andrew Staples and soprano Nardus Williams join Kate Lindsey for duets from L’incoronazione di Poppea, including the sensual ‘Pur ti miro’.



„At the same time Lindsey avoids all mannerisms, for there is no effect for effect's sake. Everything is a means of characterization, so that the persons receive a breathtaking plasticity and psychological depth of field. No wonder that a cold shiver runs down one's spine while listening. The small ensemble Arcangelo provides the instrumental part as powerfully as expressively. An album that unfolds its very own tyranny according to the title: because it is simply addictive.“