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18 monologues élastiques was recorded by Martin Ruch at the Funkhaus on Nalepastrasse in Berlin. Located in an industrial area of the capital, the mysterious, colossal structure from the DDR era looks more like an abandoned cold-war nuclear facility than a working radio station. Here time seems to have stopped back before the Wall came down. Martin Ruch and I were looking for unique recording environments to create the 18 monologues élastiques. While working on the album we came up with the idea of adding a third dimension to the music by including motion. Instead of recording the trombone in a traditional manner, that is, in a single studio and in a static way, we decided to capture the sound while moving throughout the complex. The result is outstanding and adds a cinematographic aspect to the music. To illustrate and describe the eighteen pieces, Joanna Rusinek created paintings and collages for which I wrote descriptive poems. 

- Samuel Blaser

Elu citizen jazz award